Dee Snider laughs off 'outrage' over his comments on Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio not being 'performers': "People were like, How dare you!"

Dee Snider
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Dee Snider has once again come forward to re-clarify his comments made last month about Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio.

During a divisive discussion with fans on Twitter, the Twisted Sister leader stated that he thought the aforementioned vocalists lacked stage presence, and that he didn't regard them as real "performers", unlike Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger. 

Since making his controversial declarations, Snider has been asked to reiterate his view in multiple interviews, previously offering: "You can't put me and Robert Plant in the same category".

Now in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, the singer shares further perspective on his argument, explaining: "When I said they weren't great frontmen, everybody said, 'Here's Dee shooting his mouth off again.'

"But I'm not just shooting my mouth off; I've actually taken a lot of time to think about and consider it. I didn't just make an arbitrary statement. I've thought about it. I got on my computer, and I studied and researched it."

He continues, "But anyway, I said this, and then, on social media, someone said, 'Okay, so what's the difference between you and them?' So, I'll tell you the difference now: Ronnie James Dio, for example, was a great singer, but he was not a performer, at least, not in the sense of not a frontman.

"But me? I'm a frontman who is almost like a vaudeville performer. Now, a frontman doesn't have to sing well but needs to be a guy who can engage the audience and entertain the people who stand there. A frontman that can wow the crowd with their incredible voice, yeah, that's entertaining on a different level, but it's not the same as a full-scale performance."

Snider then goes on to compare himself to Robert Plant after being asked if he believes his original comments were misunderstood. He says: "Absolutely. I am not saying I'm Robert Plant, nor am I saying I'm even in his league. Having said that, I do something at a level that he doesn't do, and that is I engage the crowd. 

"I am able to establish a level of audience participation that makes the entire arena feel like they are in the front row. Robert Plant doesn't do that, but I do. He's an incredible singer, but showmanship, that's what I do well. But I said this, and people were like, 'How dare you?' Well, guess what? I fucking dare."

Twisted Sister reformed for a one-off performance last month at the sixth annual Metal Hall of Fame ceremony in Agoura Hills, California.

Asked if fans could expect to see more of Twisted Sister on stage, Snider told Eon Music: "A hard ‘no' plans. No plans at all to do that .

"You know, I've said when people retire they should leave the stage, and all those bands, I’m tired of buying ‘No More Tours’ shirts and seeing people signing contracts in blood and then they show up three years later. I don’t believe in that bullshit, so I don’t think it’s going to happen."

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