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Brian Jones murder theorist 'no crackpot'

An author who claims Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones was murdered insists he is "not a crackpot."

To mark the 45th anniversary of Jones’ death, Terry Rawlings has released an update of his book Brian Jones: Who Killed Christopher Robin?

Rawlings says Jones was killed by builders working at his house in East Sussex and adds the killers escaped the attentions of the police after the band’s minder, Tom Keylock, orchestrated a cover-up.

In the current issue of Mojo, Rawlings says: “There was a cover-up. It’s not a crackpot theory, it’s what happened. He was definitely murdered and there was a cover-up.”

The official cause of death was recorded as “misadventure” after Jones was found dead in the swimming pool of his Cotchford Farm country home on July 2, 1969 – a month after he was sacked from the Rolling Stones.

Jones’ drinking and drug abuse led him to become isolated from the rest of the band.

The first edition of Rawlings’ book, released in 1994, claimed the primary suspect was builder Frank Thorogood. The latest updated version claims to shed new light on who was at Jones’ home on the day of his death at the age of 27.