Bret Michaels’ guitarist fears for boss


Bret Michaels' guitarist Pete Evick says he finds it hard to watch his boss fight through illness onstage.

Evick has given another road update on Poison frontman Michaels’ solo US tour. Michaels has suffered a series of health scares this year, most recently resulting in him undergoing kidney surgery.

He has been taking painkiller Dilauded and anti-inflammatory Prednisone to help get him through the shows.

And while Michaels “killed it” at a gig in Florida on November 13, ahead of a second Florida show, Evick said he wishes the singer would take a break.

Evick says: “I know you’re all wondering about last night in Jacksonville. Well, between the Dilauded and the Prednisone it seems Bret found the exact mix to put on an amazing show.

“The energy from the fans certainly gave him the perfect boost he needed. Like he says he will ‘go as long as he can.’ I go back and forth on all this, as a fellow musician and entertainer, like him, nothing keeps me from the stage, but as a friend it’s still hard to encourage or agree.

“Most people take weeks to heal from stuff like this and he should as well. Offstage I can tell he’s still hurting, but he killed it last night and I suspect tonight will be exactly the same.”

Michaels was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of six.