BMTH turn to toilet humour on Reddit AMA


Bring Me The Horizon approached a Reddit AMA with more than a touch of humour and dished out a string of tongue-in-cheek replies.

The British rockers were on hand last night for the latest in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything series and they were clearly in the mood for fun.

Asked to explain the meaning behind their song Follow You, they band say: “It’s about Twitter. Next album we’re gonna have a song called Un-follow You. It’s a two-part opus.”

And quizzed about the craziest thing they’ve ever done while on the road, the band pointed their collective finger at frontman Oli Sykes. They say: “Oli took a shit in a handbag. In a youth hostel.”

Many of the fans taking part in the AMA seemed unimpressed with BMTH’s light-hearted tone, accusing them of failing to take it seriously.

But that did little to change the Sheffield outfit’s mood. Asked about an alleged incident in which Sykes “took a piss on a fan,” the singer says: “When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.”

Read the full AMA transcript here.

BMTH released their latest album That’s The Spirit this month.