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Alestorm: All we wanted was to play in wee pubs

Alestorm singer Chris Bowes admits the band broke through the ceiling he placed on them a long time ago and he says he remains overwhelmed at the continued support for the self-styled pirate rockers.

The Scottish outfit played on the Saturn Stage at Sonisphere today – a far cry from Bowes’ initial ambitions.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “I thought we would play a couple of shows in a pub in Dundee and then, you know, get some cheap hookers out of it. Then this happened, and it’s lovely.

“You don’t plan this – if you planned this there would be something wrong with you.”

Keyboard player Elliot Vernon agrees the band have exceeded his expectations since he joined in 2011. He says: “I saw Alestorm playing Bloodstock in 2008 and I thought they were a bit wank. But Chris asked me if I wanted to join and go round the world with them and I was like, ‘Yeah, go on then.’ Now I’ve been converted and I think they’re a wonderful band.”

Known and loved for their pirate theme, Alestorm were asked whether they’d ever consider writing about characters other than bandits of the sea. Chris says: “Like Batman? I’m really seriously considering deviating the band towards the DC Comics Universe, namely Batman.”

Elliot adds: “We are firmly of the belief there is no metal without a gimmick. So if we have a silly idea about making a song about something else, we’d just start a new band.”