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Al Jourgensen hints at new Ministry album

Ministry Al Jourgensen dreadlocks
(Image credit: Oliver Halfin)

Al Jourgensen hints that Ministry could make another album “if the circumstances are right.”

The industrial metal veteran released the self-titled album from his project Surgical Meth Machine today (April 15) but he says he’d put out new Lard, Ministry and Revolting Cocks material if he can get people on board.

He tells Loudwire: “Right now, I’m thinking about doing another Revolting Cocks record, another Lard record and possibly, maybe if the circumstances are right, another Ministry record. I would love to play live with Surgical Meth Machine or Revolting Cocks.

“It’s just circumstances, scheduling and other people’s schedules. I don’t just go up there by myself. I have other people, since it’s not a functioning band that does tours all the time, I have to make sure other people’s schedules fit in

“It’s a real nightmare and headache, so I won’t say never, but I don’t say it’s like on the front burner, or it’s a burning need for me to go out and play this live. If we do, we do it. It’ll be fun, if we do it.”

Surgical Meth Machine is available from Nuclear Blast – including an exclusive version on limited-edition neon pink vinyl.


  1. I’m Sensitive
  2. Tragic Alert
  3. I Want More
  4. Rich People Problems
  5. I Don’t Wanna
  6. Smash And Grab
  7. Unlistenable
  8. Gates Of Steel
  9. Spudnik
  10. Just Go Home
  11. Just Keep Going
  12. I’m Invisible