Acheron lose drummer Severn


Drummer Kyle Severn has quite Acheron after 14 years – but says he won't discuss his personal issues with band leader Vincent Crowley in public.

And he’s voiced his continuing support for the band’s music, saying their latest material is “fucking killer.”

Severn says in a statement: “My decision to part from Acheron sucks – but it’s long overdue. I’ve put a lot of work into the band for many years, but the time has come for me to end this journey.

“Everybody wants answers – and as supporters you deserve one. I love Acheron music, loved playing with the guys, but ongoing internal problems just can’t be resolved this time around.”

He continues: “It’s personal. I don’t feel the need to go running my mouth about it. It has nothing to do with the music. It’s nobody’s business besides Vince and I.”

Crowley says in his own statement: “Kyle pretty much sums everything up. Sometimes people can’t work together – there’s no crazy drama that made this happen, nor do I have any ill feelings towards the guy.

“We just see things differently and that will never change. If you’re looking for some drama, sorry, none here!”

He confirms: “Kyle is a part of the Acheron alumni and his work is very much appreciated, but we will not be playing music together ever again. Best of luck to him with Incantation and all his other bands.”

Crowley is on the hunt for a new drummer, and also says they’re planning to add a full-time second guitarist to the lineup, following the departure of stand-in man Jacob Shively of Dismemberment.