Your guide to the new Motorhead classic vinyl reissues

They are Motorhead and they play rock ‘n’ roll… and they have done since the release of their 1977 eponymous debut album. Now, some 38 years later, the masters of speed have reissued NINE of their classic albums on shiny new vinyl for a new generation of headbangers. They come with download codes too, obviously, as this isn’t the dark ages. But what’s in store for you?

Title: Overkill Release Date: 24th March, 1979 Runtime: 35:15 (equivalent to 12.5 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: How do you expand upon the Snaggletooth from the self-titled LP? Well it turns out the answer is to colourise it and blow it up. The dramatic explosion from the cranium is just a fraction of the damage your head is in for when Overkill is cranked up full. Did You Know?: Overkill is the first Motörhead release on Bronze Records – also home of The Damned and Girlschool. Standout Tracks: Overkill, No Class, Metropolis

Title: Bomber Release Date: 27th October, 1979 Runtime: 36:48 (equivalent to 13 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: Less than a year after the exploding Snaggletooth, he’s now emblazoned on the side of an aerial bomber with Motörhead as pilots – god help us. But what would you expect from an album called Bomber? A kid jumping in a pool? Did You Know?: The title track is inspired by the Len Deighton novel of the same name, which is a fictional account of a WW2 bombing raid of the Ruhr that goes drastically wrong. Standout Tracks: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Sharpshooter, Bomber

Title: Ace Of Spades Release Date: 8th November, 1980 Runtime: 36:42 (equivalent to 13 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: The signature mascot of the ‘Head has been replaced by the equally nasty mugs of the band… as cowboys. Of course no expense was spared in the Wild West shoot, as they took a trip to a sandpit in Barnet for the cover. **Did You Know?: **The first time the title track was played on British TV was the infamous University episode of The Young Ones, which sees Motörhead soundtrack the gang’s trip to University Challenge. Standout Tracks: Ace Of Spades, Shoot You In The Back, The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

Title: No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith Release Date: 27th June, 1981 Runtime: 40:31 (equivalent to 14.3 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: No surprises here for Motörhead’s live album, it’s a shot from the sound desk as Motörhead’s Bomber aircraft hangs ominously overhead. Pretty fucking metal. Did You Know?: The album wasn’t actually recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, it was across two shows in Leeds and Newcastle. In fact, the tour didn’t even come to London. Standout Tracks: Capricorn, The Hammer, Motorhead

Title: Iron Fist Release Date: 17th April, 1982 Runtime: 36:24 (equivalent to 12.9 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: If you’d never heard Motörhead in your life, you’d be able to guess what Lemmy and co. sound like from this cover alone. A closed fist is a violent image no doubt, but iron-clad and covered in skulls? It’s not gonna get more heavy metal. Did You Know?: Iron Fist was the last album to feature Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar who left after a dispute about the integrity of covering a Plasmatics song. Standout Tracks: Iron Fist, Heart Of Stone, Don’t Let ‘Em Grind You Down

Title: Another Perfect Day Release Date: 4th June, 1983 Runtime: 44:09 (equivalent to 15.6 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: Far removed from the Iron Fist cover, it’s a psychedelic Snaggletooth seemingly being destroyed by fire and water. The forked tongue and flaming eye are excellent additions to Motörhead’s most chaotic cover. Did You Know?: Following the departure of Eddie Clarke, Another Perfect Day saw the debut appearance of former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson – who only lasted three albums. Standout Tracks: Back At The Funny Farm, Shine, I Got Mine

Title: No Remorse Release Date: 15th September, 1984 Runtime: 86:37 (equivalent to 30.75 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: Stripped back and akin to Motörhead’s debut album, it’s the snarling face of Snaggletooth staring deep into your eyes like he’s about to eat your skin. Did You Know?: Drummer Philthy Phil Taylor left Motörhead before the release of No Remorse, but returned three years later for three more albums. Standout Tracks: Killed By Death, (We Are) The Road Crew, Louie Louie

Title: Orgasmatron Release Date: 9th August, 1986 Runtime: 35:36 (equivalent to 12.6 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: In what is surely an innuendo relating to the album title, Snaggletooth has taken the form of a runaway train blazing straight ahead. And he looks bloody pleased about it. **Did You Know?: **The working title for the album was Ridin’ With The Driver. Standout Tracks: Deaf Forever, Claw, Doctor Rock

Title: Rock ‘N’ Roll Release Date: 5th September, 1987 Runtime: 33:56 (equivalent to 12 Ace Of Spades’)

Artwork: Arguably the most terrifying and evil album cover Motorhead ever produced, a giant Snaggletooth bearing his teeth to hundreds of mere mortals below. We are not worthy. Did You Know?: Track Eat The Rich was written for the 1987 film of the same name starring the Comic Strip cast – and a cameo from Lemmy as ‘Spider’. Standout Tracks: Eat The Rich, Traitor, Dogs

The nine reissued classic Motörhead albums are ON SALE NOW.

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