What is Bring Me The Horizon's True Friends actually about?

Bring Me The Horizon have released a seven-minute story to showcase new single True Friends. It’s a murder mystery revolving around a family, but also features some decapitated horses… as you do. But what is the song really about?

“’True friends stab you in the front’ is an Oscar Wilde quote and it’s not about anyone in particular,” says frontman Oli Sykes. “It’s about some people more than it is others, but it’s all about one event in particular that spurred it on. It’s about people that I thought were my friends, my very good friends, doing something to me that I just didn’t see coming in a way I never thought they would.”

So far so cryptic.

“People say money changes you and fame changes you, I thought it never would but of course it does ‘cause people change around you and start treating you differently so you have to change. I always used to see nothing but the best in people, and I still do now, I hate having to think negatively about people or be suspicious about their ulterior motives, but over the years you do to an extent ‘cause even some of the best people I’ve known something as petty as money can change them.”

It’s no secret that Bring Me The Horizon have had a large load of shit flung at them over the years for a number of reasons, which could leave the band members feeling resentful toward other people. But that isn’t necessarily the case…

“I don’t hate anyone. I don’t actively hate anyone as it’s too draining of an emotion to keep hold of, but the song is more about saying I might be able to forget what happened but I’ll never forgive. I’ll keep you at arms length now. I don’t want to get into what it was, but it’s just about how people you thought were your best friends can change.”

Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes: 'I Didn't Care If I Lived Or Died.'

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