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It’s one of those many pub arguments that gets wheeled out every time people who love music drink together. Who’s the best prog band? What’s the best live album? The best double? The best debut?

Some debut albums — think Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Pink Floyd — changed the face of music. Some aren’t even close to being the best albums a band made. Some only look great with 2020 hindsight. Some sold millions. Some didn’t sell at all.

But what’s the best? We have a few ideas, but there’s only a few of us and plenty of you, so we’re going to defer to the wisdom of herds and place the final decision on your hands. We’ve come up with a list of options below to help you make a decision — it’s by no means a definitive list — or you can just add a comment with your own choice, and we’ll count that as a vote.

After a week we’ll tally up all the votes and come back with the Top 10. Or the Top 50. Or maybe even the Top 100. If you cast the votes, we’ll do the work.

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