Vote for the greatest AC/DC songs ever

Vote for the greatest AC/DC song ever

AC/DC have released 180 songs. But which is the best? Australia's finest have been driving the rock'n'roll train for the best part of half a century, peppering their discography with enough classic songs to guarantee their status as one of rock's undeniable giants.

From Whole Lotta Rosie to Back In Black and beyond, AC/DC's songs have become part of the universal fabric, appealing to those who might otherwise be sniffy at the prospect of genuine, bad boy rock'n'roll. Play Highway To Hell at a wedding and you'll get the same reaction as you do when Abba's Dancing Queen drops: people move to the floor as if driven by some kind of primal impulse. It's a communal thing. 

But there's plenty of other songs to choose from: a quick straw poll of the Louder office throws up plenty of personal favourites, from Sin City to Walk All Over You, Shake A Leg, Thunderstruck and more.

But this isn't about us. It's about you. We want you to put together the ultimate, fan-compiled guide to the very best of AC/DC. And all you need to do is choose your favourite song from the list below...

Voting closes at Midnight GMT on May 31 2017