Vote for the best Five Finger Death Punch song of all time

Five Finger Death Punch
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Five Finger Death Punch might not have reinvented the wheel where heavy metal is concerned and their fans might be Knuckleheads (hey, their words, not ours!), but you can't argue with the fact they are one of metal's biggest success stories in the 21st Century.

From the string of gold and platinum-certified albums and singles in the US (starting back in April 2011 when their debut Way Of The Fist went Gold) to the fact they command headline status in arenas and festivals around the world, Five Finger Death Punch's credentials as an all-conquering force can't be denied.

With eight albums in the rearview and the ninth on its way, we need your help in picking out the very best Five Finger Death Punch song of all-time. Whether it's a tune that makes you want to pound beers and have a good time, or something that brings a tear to your eye, we've assembled every song on every FFDP album below, so cast your vote now!

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