Tweet Surrender


Sparkling like diamonds in a world of virtual rust, here are the best tweets from the twin worlds of rock and roll.

This might not be an actual fact, but we can certainly imagine it. We’ve all seen the I Need Love video, right?

So now you know what the Manchester United goalkeeper listens to for inspiration before a game. Maybe his team mates could do the same. We won’t mention the nil-nil draw versus Cambridge. Not at all.

Maybe Twitter isn’t really for you, Dez.

Paul doesn’t look a day over… um, a month in this photo. Maybe that’s the forgiving power of a well-chosen Instagram filter.

This might not be common knowledge, but Red Right Hand was written after Nick Cave saw a man carelessly slather his hot dog in ketchup. Alright, maybe it isn’t.

…As do mint humbugs, The Hamburglar, French mimes and Fish, circa 1983. A stunning look, if you’re into barcodes or Newcastle United.

Thanks for the heads up Josh. We’ll be sure to add it to our Netflix queue. But what about Nightcrawler, though? We’ve heard mixed reviews, so it would be good to get your take on it…

Fair enough.

5’6? We’ve always thought Matthew was just standing far away.

The No Doubt vocalist was in Qatar this week to perform at the 24th Men’s Handball World Championships. That’s another tick for the bucket list.

Either Austin was wearing black or enveloped in a jalapeño world of pain.