Tweet Surrender


Which male rock star was the victim of a cruel heckle in London? Find out in this week’s Tweet Surrender.

A classic joke retold by the Royal Blood drummer, there. But, in fairness, it could have been the psychic ’s receptionist who tried to talk you into spending money on some absolute rubbish. So think about that while you wear your black cap.

We’ll just stand here awkwardly and let our tall, skinny, decaf Mocha Frappucino with extra whipped cream get cold while you treat the place like an office. No, really. It’s fine. What? We can’t fix your photocopier.

Mike Duce, asking the big questions.

Thanks Frank. We’ve been searching for a video of Billy Joel smashing up his piano and anything else within his grasp. Remember, if that’s what happens when Billy’s in a New York state of mind, stand well back.

It’s an acronym for Mate, I Love Falafel. Were you eating falafel at the time? Yes? Case closed. Next.

What were we doing on December 16, 2010? It was a Thursday, so…nope. Not a clue.

We can spy the Dharma Initiative logo from Lost. More importantly, is that kitchen roll on the right?

Personally, we like to think of ourselves as diurnal and nocturnal. Also: tired.

The Architects frontman must be in denial. He’s probably finding it hard to come to terms with supporting a team that once used to win everything with yawning predictability.

Love the moustache, Jacoby.