Tweet Surrender


This week’s Tweet Surrender sees Devin Townsend punch himself in the face, Blitz Kids’ Jono Yates mourn Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction and Ginger Wildheart give a shout out to the long-dead boat soldier Horatio Nelson. But who’s moaning about the lack of toilets?

The New Found Glory bassist tweets this like it was a bad thing. What happened to the spirit of camaraderie? All those musicians with pre-show nerves… Oh, right.

Here’s a lovely moment ruined by an impromptu game of Rock, Paper, Scissors which ended in a draw. It’s called Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck in Germany, in case you were wondering.

Young Guns frontman Gustav would have won a prize for posting the most existential tweet of the week, but he went and spoiled it with those skull emojis.

We think this means Warsonic will sound like hundreds of drunk people attempting to pile onto the last night bus home. An ambitious claim, then.

Finland’s version of The Voice gets Tarja Turunen and Michael Monroe. We get the bloke from the Kaiser Chiefs and his staring eyes. Thanks, geography.

Because someone once played Sick Of It All’s Scratch The Surface during a senior citizen’s spin class and the police got involved. It was on the news and everything.

The Blitz Kids guitarist took the news of One Direction’s Zayn Malik departure pretty badly. Chin up. We remember when Geri left the Spice Girls. It’s like a tank rolling over your soul. Hang on, it isn’t.

That’s what Steven Tyler needs, more scarves.

Alright, then. Are moral values relative or absolute? In 140 characters, please.

It appears that Devin Townsend’s hand is actually a drawing pin.