Tweet Surrender

This week’s Tweet Surrender sees the rock world plug their mother’s blogs, comment on Jeremy Clarkson and Kanye West petitions, and pay tribute to Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero, who sadly passed away this week…

Good point well made. Even if the Architects vocalist supports Manchester United.

This tweet was written by the man who penned the lyrics to At The Drive-In’s One Armed Scissor. Maybe ‘mummified circuitry, skin graft machinery, sputnik sickles found in the seats’ is actually about soft textiles rather than a load of words thrown together.

We’re not sure if the punk folk troubadour is referring to the Nestlé sweets or simply people who collect Star Wars figures. A collection we’ve almost completed, thanks for asking.

Here’s a fact for you. The small metal jingles on a tambourine are called zills, from the Turkish word meaning cymbals. Anyway, we digress. We’re sure that Bob Dylan didn’t even have the Every Time I Die frontman in mind when he wrote this song.

Who are we to argue? Although Cash In The Attic does have its moments.

So now you know what the Paramore singer does in her time off in between albums: gets a haircut and hangs around in the Nutella aisle in her local supermarket. Sounds like us, really. Right? Right?

An impressive party trick. We’d be even more impressed if you could move Jack Black’s eyebrows using telekinesis.

Crying sun, flamenco dancer, muscly arm? Spoiler alert.

We think Periphery had a good gig in Poland recently. Unless Misha’s been messing around with his phone’s settings.

“Stay on target… Stay on target!” Maybe. We don’t know, Pete.

Dee Snider’s touching tribute to his friend and bandmate, Twister Sister drummer AJ Pero, who passed away this week. RIP.

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