Tweet Surrender

Over 3,500,000,000 tweets are sent every week. Here are 10 posts that stood out like beacons of common sense in this crazy, mixed-up world…

We were only talking about this in the office the other day. Who was the last truly great rock harpist?

That’s not what they mean by being a ‘ladies man’, Levi.

There’s former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey with his feared pizza gang, including brother Gerard and Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, who seems to be sitting down in this photo.

Meanwhile, Gerard invents more award-winning comic book ideas on tour. Maybe his nemesis could be IBS Man? Just a thought.

Well, that’s Jeordie told, then. How about a Marilyn Manson collaboration with these disco legends, called Beautiful People? Oh, you’re all welcome.

That’s guitar legend Slash, swapping stuff with random people. Who knew that the Stoke-born fret alchemist really likes shoelaces?

Brody and hubby Josh have set up The Sweet Stuff Foundation, to help out career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability. Check it out and get involved.

By our calculations, Hayley would have been born two years into ALF’s successful TV run. The cranky space pig was loved by pretty much everyone, except TV executives who seemed to tire of his wisecracks by 1990 and canned the show. On a happier note, Hayley and fiancé Chad Gilbert have a dog called Alf. The technically gifted pooch has a Twitter account.

The Incubus guitarist’s Japanese toy looks suspiciously like Humpty from classic BBC TV children’s show, Play School. Maybe he should get that stuffed thing on eBay sharpish.

We had no idea that was the Exodus guitarist’s middle name. Thanks, Scott.

Simon Young

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