Tweet Surrender


This week’s Tweet Surrender looks back on The Grammy Awards, witnesses a monster scrap and discovers which forgetful guitarist has a fondness for bacon.

Not only did Mastodon lose out to Tenacious D in The Grammys’ Best Metal Performance category, but Killswitch Engage’s frontman seems to think they had their possessions stolen as well. What a night, eh?

Paramore won the Best Rock Song for their single, Ain’t It Fun. But who knew that the popular zombie drama had such healing properties?

Unlucky, Every Time I Die shouter. That would be Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson, who had a very public pop at Kanye West and his petty behaviour at The Grammys. What did she call him? Ah, yes. A “complete twat”.

We bet you a tenner Kirk makes howling and groaning noises as he does plays with his action figures.. Well, until it’s time for tea OR GETTING ON WITH MAKING THAT METALLICA ALBUM.

Who’s going to tell him? We’re not. Here, have a link instead.


We can’t tell if Ronnie Radke is joking, because Falling In Reverse’s 2013 album Fashionably Late ticked more boxes than a Lottery syndicate’s ticket.

A photo of Blink-182 rehearsing with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba was bound to get a few retweets. But why is Skiba dressed like Tom Delonge at Reading 2014? That’s just rubbing it in.

At least that part of the train station has stopped smelling like feet. And finally…