Tracks of the Week: new music from AC/DC, CJ Wildheart and more

Tracks of the Week
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By our estimation, AC/DC have released 24 different songs with the word "rock" in the title. We could be wrong, of course – we usually are – but such dedication to the rock'n'roll cause is to be applauded, even if new album Power Up fails to uphold the semantic tradition. 

We've included the band's latest single Realize below, and it sits comfortably alongside another seven songs that deserve their own place in rock'n'roll history. But before you listen and vote for for your favourite, it's only fair that we congratulate last week's champions. 

Fanbases were mobilised across the globe to ensure that Alter Bridge emerged on top with Last Rites, while Black Spiders' comeback single Fly In The Soup finished a creditable second and Italian punks Smalltown Tigers were a comfortable third with Darling Please. Congratulations to them all. 


AC/DC - Realize

We wouldn’t ordinarily include such a big fish in TOTW, because we consider it a space to promote other cool stuff. But in this case, it’s new AC/DC and it’s fucking killer – all Godzilla guitars, epic background vocals and Brian Johnson sounding thrillingly like a madman running from the law – so we’ll make an exception. Clearly AC/DC don’t need our help to plug this, but… yeah, we couldn’t not.

The Dirty Nil - Blunt Force Concussion

Well, whaddya know? The punkoid Canadian rockers have released their sweetest, most melodious track yet, and they’ve done it without losing a shred of their trademark ferocity. Imagine stumbling upon Green Day and Weezer serenading one another, in some sort of floral meadow, and you’re in the right ballpark (nice ballpark, right?). If this came out a decade or so ago it would have been massive.

The Dirty Nil updates, music and merch

CJ Wildheart - State Of Us

In 2019 CJ was a driving force behind our no.1 album of the year; The Wildhearts’ completely brilliant Renaissance Men. Now, armed with that band’s irrepressible livid intent, a riff assault the size of Jupiter and Joker facepaint, he’s soared straight into our TOTW hit list. Take note: State Of Us takes a little while to really get cooking (like, less than a minute) but once it does it kicks massive amounts of ass.

CJ updates, music (including pre-orders for new album Siege) and merch

Low Cut Connie - Wild Ride

Philadelphia’s master of soulful, bittersweet storytelling (in rock’n’roll form), Low Cut Connie nerve centre Adam Weiner has added another burst of impassioned, emotionally complex colour to his palette with Wild Ride. The latest slice of his sprawling, “beautiful mess” of an album, Private Lives, it’s a cathartic, stirring moment in chaotic times.

LCC updates, music and merch.

Mason Hill - Find My Way

Scottish hard rockers Mason Hill have their gaze set on the stages and canvases currently filled by the Alter Bridges, Shinedowns and Black Stone Cherrys of this world. Or at least they do if this taut, muscular new beast is anything to go by. If you enjoy the aforementioned groups – along with the likes of Those Damn Crows – you’ll want to check out these guys.

Pre-order new album Against The Wall I Mason Hill updates and merch

KOYO - Walking On Air

The progressive Leeds-based quintet teamed up with The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael (a recent Yorkshire migrant from Seattle) for this fired up piece of gnarly, proggy psych-rock. Angular and angry but mighty addictive, it's ever so slightly unhinged and all the better for it. And the narrative slickly enacted in the accompanying video? Expect conflict, crossdressing and... erm, cake. 

KOYO updates, music and merch.

The Dead Amigos - 1  in 5

Missing the energy, camaraderie and sweat of pub gigs, basement clubs and...hell, live music fullstop? This stompy, hip-swinging single from Melbourne’s groovy, bluesy rockers The Dead Amigos should help tide you over. They describe themselves as a “guitar smashing, roof climbing, trumpet pumping, rocking mariachi band from hell”, which we can totally get on board with.

Dead Amigos updates, music and merch.

Iamthemorning - Cradle Song

Perhaps the perfect yin to the full-throttle yang of the tracks preceding it, we're leaving you with this atmospheric, mind-soothing piece from Russian progressive duo Iamthemorning. Gleb Kolyadin's piano lines flow from his fingers like water, and Mariana Semkina has one of those compelling, otherworldly voices that could belong to a sprite or fairy or some other mythological being. Listen, breathe, feel calm.

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