Top 10 British underground doom metal bands as chosen by Surya

(Image credit: Surya)

London-based doom metallers, Surya, formed back in 2014. After releasing one demo, the band signed to Bear Bites Horse studio and dropped their first full length album Apocalypse A.D. in 2015. The instrumental band are releasing their second album Solstalgia via Argonauta Records and adding sparse vocals and spoken word to the mix.

"The album is about the Earth, it is about humanity, and it is about the anthropocene – this new age we live in. It is about these desperate times of Kali Yuga and finally it is about care, hope and action," the band reveal. 

You can check out the new record in full below:

We caught up with the band prior to the release of Solstaligia to find out who their favourite U.K.-based underground doom contemporaries are.


"Torpor is a band that we feel very close to. They are without a doubt one of the most exciting bands in the UK. We just finished a short tour with them, ending at Doomlines festival in Sheffield. We had such a great time together! 

"They amazed us from the first time we saw them live. Three people making such huge, Earth shattering sounds. Every instrument sounds incredible, sitting perfectly in their sonic mixture of noise, sludge and doom. 

"Their live shows are truly captivating, moving from delicate and ethereal drone passages, to heights of riffing heaviness that you can almost feel moving your internal organs. They are also about to release a new album at the end of this summer. Don’t miss it."


"Moloch are a force of nature. Totally oppressive, claustrophobic sludge misery from Nottingham. They’ve been doing the rounds for quite a few years now and are without a doubt one of the best at what they do. 

"Few bands are able to channel so perfectly the sense of fear, dread and anxiety that this world forces on us all into pure vitriolic cacophony. 

"They bring together elements from a bunch of our favourite bands like Iron Monkey, Dystopia and Noothgrush, through to negative hardcore like Gehenna (US)."


"Definitely one of the best and more interesting post-metal/experimental sludge bands in the UK. This Bristol-based quintet explore vast musical landscapes, oscillating between discomforting quiet and a wall of sound, between sonic disharmony and heartrendingly emotive melodies. 

"Last year they released their latest album named “To possess you entirely”, which really does what it says on the tin. A totally possessing and captivating band. 

"They use pianos, cello and violin alongside drums and guitars in their beautifully layered mix of sludge and soaring post-metal. We really recommend everyone catches them live."


"We have been lucky enough to play alongside and see this London-based band a few times. All we can say is that they always deliver quality, and goosebumps. Their music, like the other bands mentioned here, is quite difficult to describe because it escapes simple classifications, genres and subgenres. 

"But if one had to give you some references it would be like a mix of Shellac with Isis, with some added math-rock complexity and lots and lots of space and melodies. A few months ago we played with them at Desertfest and they blew everyone away. 

"We also witnessed early this year the amazing performance of some members of Wren with Jo Quail, a breathtaking, unboundaried contemporary cellist and it was a magical gig."


"Clawing their way out of Brighton and the ever growing South Coast heavy scene, Kalloused create a dense and furious tumult. Live they are a force to be reckoned with. They have a new release coming out on the mighty Feast Of Tentacles soon!"


"Overlook the name. Bong are not what you might think from their weed-inspired monicker. You won’t find any cliched Sabbath-esque riffs here. No, Bong are auditory hypnosis. 

"Waves upon waves crash upon you and lift you off into another hazy cosmic universe. Both on record and especially live Bong are truly intoxicating, can you withstand it?"


"Bast are a three piece from London playing a very interesting and captivating blend of doom and atmospheric experimental black metal. As with a few other bands mentioned here, we have had the great pleasure of sharing a stage with them. 

"Very recently we saw them performing at the Doomlines festival in Sheffield. Their set was very, very intense. Diverse and hypnotic. Bast are one of those bands that you simply cannot ignore. 

"Their most recent album Nanoangstrom is definitely one of the best releases in the (progressive) heavy UK scene in recent years! Check it out."

Hundred year old man

"An everflowing collective from Leeds, HYOM are reminiscent of the mighty Cult Of Luna while bringing their own flavour to the realm of multilayered post-Neurosis metal. 

"Bleak and with an industrial force they plough ever on, dragging you with them."


"If we could hear the oceans, the mountains, the very earth beneath us, screaming in agony at the destruction and devastation we are causing to the very place we call home, it would sound like this. 

"This grief is endless & ever growing. Tanya & Joe (and an enormous pile of amps) create an unholy dirge that is equally captivating & unnerving."


"We had the pleasure of playing with Cegvera very recently in Reading. This up-and-coming Bristol (via Kent and Mexico) two-piece are phenomenal. 

"With a wall of guitar pedals and intelligent use of looped guitar phrasing, supported by incredible drumming and some seriously big riffs, the instrumental story they weave is spellbinding. 

"How do two people make such a huge sound? Definitely a band to watch out for."

Sūrya's next gig will be at Epicfest on September 21 at DIY Space for London were you will have the chance to also see Torpor, Sonance, Cegvera, Hundred year old man and many more amazing bands that weekend, don’t miss it out! Tickets for Epicfest are available here (opens in new tab).