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So if you’re looking for trouble, these are the bands to hear on this collection inspired by our cover star’s raucous rock’n’rollin’.

The Fallen State - Great Unknown Featuring former members of Tequila Rocking Bird and Load Click Shoot, it’s all impassioned hooks and frantic double-peddling from this leatherclad North Devon five-piece. Great? Yes. Unknown? Maybe not for much longer if this track is anything to go by From: Three single

Witch Doctor - One Life You know what there’s not enough of in rock’n’roll these days? Dudes in capes. You know what else there isn’t enough of? Cowbell. Well, St Louis’s own Witch Doctor have got both covered, as demonstrated fantastically on One Life. This is rock’n’roll grilled to perfection. Mmmm, tasty. From: Witch Doctor

Butch County - Devil’s Playground Butch County are probably not the only lesbian-fronted hair-metal revivalist act in the world, but they’re definitely our absolute favourites. From Austin, Texas they put a delightful new spin on the tired macho bullshit of Sunset Strip sleaze. It’s still pretty fuckin’ macho, though. From: Devil’s Playground

Oldfield Victory - Let It Ride Oldfield Victory are named after noted racecar driver Barney Oldfield – the fastest man alive in 1903. Like ol’ Barney, Oldfield Victory are bona fide no-compromise, no-surrender types – wholly dedicated to the resurrection and preservation of good ol’ US hard rock. Amen to that. From: Let It Ride EP

Communication Killer - Hate You Tonight The B-side of the debut single from these Austrian garage rockers. This is what would happen if a bunch of venom-spitting cobras grew arms and learned to play guitars. And then grew legs, stole motorcycles and drove them off a cliff. Imagine that. From: Mind Penetration seven-inch

Dirty Thrills - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Something wicked this way comes… in the form of London-based rockin’ bluesbusters Dirty Thrills. A flurry of ‘taches, tatts and the occasional floral man-blouse (nice!), this lil number is served up with a snarl. From: Dirty Thrills

Black Atom Movement - Stoned In Love Blistering new duo from north-east England who play the blues they way the Misfits played punk – like they’re pummelling it to death with shovels. This is their debut single, and it’s a show-stopper, a party-starter and maybe even a career-maker. Watch out, though, the slide guitar will slit your throat if you get too close to it. From: Stoned In Love single

The Judge - Heepster Scraggly young longhairs getting real, real gone.A Heepster is a Jeepster who got lost in the record store and ended up jamming to Demons And Wizards for six days straight. St. Louis, where The Judge is from, is full of them. That town will show you what doom really feels like. From: The Judge

Dirty Old Spice - Pictures This young, DIY power-trio from Munchen have been quietly banging out big ol’ slabs of teenage rampage in their basement for years now. Their new album straddles hard rock, alt.rock, and every other kinda rock like it invented them all. From: Songs For Mama

Skunk - Forest Nymph Post-proto-metal bellbottom abusers from the deepest corners of Oakland, CA, Skunk is what happens if you raise your kids on Grand Funk 8-tracks and weed smoke. Forest Nymph is a cautionary tale, but if you find one we say go for it anyway. From: Heavy Rock From Elder Times

Fairtrade Floyd - In Money We Trust Chickeater Joe (he’s one of your lower-ranking demigods) invented the Diddley Bow to save rock’n’roll, but he couldn’t find anybody to play it except these wastrels from Vienna. Luckily they were up to the task. Now let’s bask in the glorious sounds of victory. From: In Money We Trust seven-inch

The Burning Stone - Blame The Witch These Greek rockers mine the early 70s for inspiration, from the ancient riffs of Sabbath and Captain Beyond to the blood and fire of Hammer Horror. The band are currently working on their first album, Cast The First Stone, which is sure to be a true face-melter. If rock’n’roll got any heavier than this it’d probably be illegal. From: Cast The First Stone

The Monday Specials - Tell Me I’m Bleeding A two-man wrecking crew from Milwaukee. It’s sorta like the blues, if the blues were made of hellfire and whiskey. And, let’s be honest, the best stuff always is. Wondering about the name? They met on a Monday. Which, it would appear, turned out to be a pretty special one. From: Get It While It’s Hot EP

Floraburn - Red Shield Menacing, heart-stopping, southern-fried riff’n’roll from Lexington, Kentucky that’s like a bulldozer flattening your house. The organ player sounds like the Grim Reaper breathing down your neck. This is some heavy shit, brother. When the south really does rise again, it’s most likely gonna sound like this 247. From: Red Shield single download

High N’ Heavy - Camper Trap High N’ Heavy ain’t just the name of the band, it’s also the name of the game here. These weirdo thunder chuckers came screaming down from outer space (well, New Bedford, Massachusetts, which is basically the same thing plus alcohol) in a custom car drawn by jet-black swans. Or at least it sounds that way. From: High N’ Heavy

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