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There were three questions about Iron Maiden on University Challenge last night

University Challenge

What do they teach at university these days? Well, if you're studying at Downing college Cambridge then it's damn sure not heavy metal. 

On last night's episode of University Challenge, the long-running BBC quiz show that pits universities against each other in general knowledge, the foursome from Cambridge were stumped by three questions based on Iron Maiden's landmark album Number Of The Beast.

They managed to obtain zero points from the 15 available (five per question). And to be fair, even if you're not a Maiden fan, you'd think one of the Cambridge lot would have some knowledge about Christian texts or 1960s television.

Here are the questions from University Challenge:

  1. The five word title of which 1982 album appears in the book of revelations after the words, "Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding count..."?
  2. Four words that appear before Thy Kingdom Come in St Luke's gospel form the title of which track from Number Of The Beast concerning a condemned man?
  3. Which track from Number Of The Beast shares its title with a 1960s television series filmed largely in an Italian village in North Wales?

You can watch the whole episode of University Challenge now on BBC iPlayer (opens in new tab). Scroll down slightly to find out the answers that we obviously all knew because our education involved Bruce Dickinson bellowing at us.

In fact, Bruce from Iron Maiden appeared on a special Christmas episode of University Challenge last year representing Queen Mary College.


1. The Number Of The beast.
2. Hallowed Be Thy Name.
3. The Prisoner.