The ultimate BBQ menu and playlist, by Texas Hippie Coalition's Big Dad Ritch

Texas Hippie Coalition's Big Red Ritch
(Image credit: Texas Hippie Coalition)

It's difficult to put a positive spin on climate change, but the BBQ industry is probably delighted. As those Mediterranean summers creep northwards we'll all be spending more time outside, slaving over a hot grill, cooking up all sorts of delicious BBQ fodder.

So we asked Texas Hippie Coalition frontman Big Dad Ritch to give us some guidance. After all, he's an actual Master Griller, highly respected throughout Texas not only for his band's fiery brand of red dirt metal, but also for his skills with a smoker and a pair of tongs.    

He obliged. But not before he'd explained his qualifications via the medium of Texas Hippie Coalition song titles. 

"I do most of my grillin' down at the River Bottom with my number one Groupie Girl, confirms Ritch. "Most likely because I am the Drug Dealer and I have No Shame. You know I will Hit it Again because I am the original El Diablo Rojo and I'll be drinking Whiskey and trying to get to the Bottom Of The Bottle or mason jar of Moonshine all the while flying my Dirty Finger, while everyone waits on Grill Master BDR to holla Come Get It.

"And remember: your momma hates me but she loves my sauce. Now take what you’ve learned here and get to grillin' like a mega villain!"

Thanks, Big Dad!

Texas Hippie Coalition's latest album High In The Saddle is out now. Bundles and coloured vinyl are available from Merch Now. Red River Red's Buckin Crazy BBQ Sauce is available from the band's website.


BBQ Wings
Rubbed, not sauced. I like to rub ’em down with a BBQ rub mixed with fajita seasoning. Give it that extra Spice

Soundtrack: Judas Priest - Sad wings of Destiny

Main courses

Baby back ribs
Pork, in the smoker (not on the grill). Rub ’em down with mustard, shake some rub on them, wrap them in foil, smoke for three hours, take out of the foil, cover in Buckin Crazy BBQ sauce and put back in the smoker for three more hours, often smothering with the sauce. 

Soundtrack: Black Sabbath's War Pigs - it makes the meat far more tender. 

BBQ Brisket
One of my faves. First cover brisket lightly with mustard, then add a thick coating of BBQ rub. Cover in foil then cook for three hours in a smoker. Remove from smoker and drain all juice, but keep juice covered and warm for later use. 

Cook brisket uncovered in smoker for two more hours. This is a slow cook so 325°F/163°C is perfect. Plate with some of the juice you saved poured over the top, or smother in Buckin Crazy BBQ Sauce - either is delish. 

Soundtrack: If you jam Texas Hippie Coalition’s Bring it Baby while cookin', it won’t make the dinner bell ring any faster but it will make time fly, and soon you'll be eating the best cow neck you’ve ever wrapped your mouth around.

Corn on the Cob
Soak your corn with husk in salted water for two hours. Remove, place in husk on highest grill slate in your grill. Stack them on top of each other, moving the ones on the bottom to the top every 10 minutes to keep from burning or drying out. 

Cook for one hour at 325°F/163°C or, if you have time to cook, a little longer at 225°F/107°C. 

Soundtrack: Of course you will be listening to one of my favourite bands, Korn. Pick a song – any song – but I’m jammin' A.D.I.D.A.S.


Pineapple slices with Tabasco sauce
Keep it hot: drop tabasco on the pineapple slices, grill 'til golden (this happens with a quickness). The warm pineapple with its sweetness melts in your mouth, and then Bam!, the Tabasco hits you like a sucker punch. 

Soundtrack: The combination of the two flavours makes the saliva flow like the water from Led Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks, but the burn may make you search for water. So be sure to have Avatars Let it Burn on high and your smoker on 375.

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