The Trailer Park Boys' 12 favourite bands

Trailer Park Boys

For three drunk, high and unemployed recidivist residents of a clapped-out trailer park in middle of nowhere, Canada, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles get about a bit. Whether smuggling weed over the US- Canadian border with Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, getting baked with Snoop Dogg, kidnapping Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, or touring with Guns N’ Roses, the boys know how to live the rock and roll lifestyle, taking time out of their busy schedule of shopping cart theft and trailer park supervisor antagonism to give Hammer a rundown of their favourite music to drink, get high and “bang to”. Dee-cent.

Iron Maiden

Julian: “I love Iron Maiden, Powerslave.”
Ricky: “Iron Maiden’s awesome.”
Julian: “Good tune to work out to when you’re working out in jail, right? and an awesome drinking album.”
Ricky: “I like the Number Of The Beast, too.”
Bubbles: “The best Iron Maiden record is the first Iron Maiden record. The one with Running Free on it.”

Def Leppard

Ricky:Def Leppard’s Pyromania I was a big fan of, because I like to start fires, and when you listen to that record and you’ve got a blowtorch in your hand it gets really fun. I set myself on fire – it does happen sometimes.”

Pink Floyd

Ricky: “Lucy likes April Wine (a rock band from Halifax, the Boys’ hometown). That’s some good banging music, right there. Pink FloydDark Side Of The Moon, really good banging music. It gets really fuckin’ heavy, and hot.”
Bubbles:Dark Side is good to get baked to.”
Julian: “How do you know Bubs?! You’re not banging chicks listening to Dark Side Of The Moon!”
Bubbles: “I said baked, not banged!”
Julian: “I thought he said banged.”
Bubbles: “Oh, I’ve banged hundreds of chicks, don’t you worry about that.”
Julian: “Bull-fucking-shit.”
Bubbles: “Hundreds of times – a different record every time, too.”


Bubbles:Rush2112, Rush – Moving Pictures, A Farewell To Kings has to be on there also. I’d probably have to pick Moving Pictures just because it’s got so many good riffs on it. If the Green Bastard needed wrestling entrance music I’d probably use YYZ; that’s a good fuckin’ knockout song.”
Ricky: “Alex (Lifeson, Rush guitarist) did get over being kidnapped by us. He’s actually a pretty cool guy. We’ve hung out a little bit since.”

Skid Row

Julian: “Ricky used to think that Skid Row song was about him – 18 And Life.”
Ricky: “No, it was written about me – that’s what some people claim. Lucy used to like “love letters in the sand”, or whatever that one was.” (I Remember You)

Guns N’ Roses

Bubbles:Guns N’ Roses – throw that on there – Appetite For Destruction. Axl’s not a dick at all, he’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met; it’s just the fuckin’ newspaper people make him out to be a dick but he’s fuckin’ awesome. I went on tour with him on his jet all over the world.”
Julian: “He’s just like a normal dude that hangs out and gets wasted with you – we wouldn’t hang out with dicks.”
Hammer: “Who’d win in a fight between Sebastian Bach and Axl?”
Ricky: “That’d be a wicked fight!”
Bubbles: “It would depend on what they were cranked up on I think.”
Julian: “Sebastian – he snaps hard. We’ve witnessed him hitting people before.”
Bubbles: “I wouldn’t wanna fuck with Axl, though. I tell you right now, that would be a hell of a fight, but I don’t think Sebastian would punch Axl – I think he’d feel too bad so I think he’d stand right there and let Axl just beat the piss out of him. He’s no pussy though, he’s a fuckin’ lunatic. I watched him punch a guy out on the side of the stage just ‘cause the guy told him he had to move – he fuckin’ KO’d him!”
Julian: “He’s the real deal!”

NWA & Snoop Dogg

Julian: “We’re totally down with NWA, I used to listen to those guys a lot, it wasn’t just (Sunnyvale trailer park’s resident rap crew) J-Roc and the Rock Pile – we were doing our gangster thing way before them.”
Ricky: “Snoop Dogg’s a good dude also.”
Bubbles: “Yeah, throw Snoop Dogg on there for sure.”
Julian: “It’s a pretty chilled time being around Snoop.”
Bubbles: “We don’t remember much of it.”
Ricky: “We had a smoke off. Most people said that I won, but then a couple people said that he won, so it’s hard to say who really won. I did pass out, but I mean I did that on purpose, so it wasn’t like I lost.|

Yngwie Malmsteen

Ricky: “Bubs, who was that fucking Inghee Malmteen you used to play for us?”
Bubbles: “YNG-WIE MALM-STEEN, Ricky. He was fucked… (Long pause) He was too fucked.”

Jimi Hendrix

Bubbles:Jimi Hendrix is top of the list. We gotta throw Are You Experienced? on there. I first heard that I think, when was it Ricky? I think we were about 7 or 8 and you gave us mushrooms.”
Ricky: “That was a crazy night, that’s for sure.”
Bubbles: “You gave me mushrooms and all of a sudden I could play Purple Haze – all it took was a gram of mushrooms and I had it figured out in about four fuckin’ seconds. We’re gonna be working with Eddie Kramer – the guy that produced that shit – we’re making a comedy record and Eddie’s gonna help us.”


Bubbles: “We’re into all kinds of Canadian musicians – the Tragically Hip, there’s a guy named Ron Sexsmith who is unbelievable. Devin Townsend, I fuckin’ know who he is, he’s great. Have you ever heard Triumph? You’d love Triumph. They were fuckin’ huge in the ‘80s. You Google yourself up some Triumph; you Google up a little Lay It On The Line, or a little Magic Power. Positive messages in all of them. I think every single fuckin’ song is about positive energy.”
Julian: “They rock! They’re good drinking songs.”
Ricky: “I like Helix. I like that song you know, “give me an R” (Rock You). When you’re really high it’s an easy fucking song to sing ‘cause he asks you for an ‘R’ and you give it to him. Yeah… I’m trying to remember how the rest of it goes.”

George Harrison

Bubbles: “If you’re from England and you don’t know who George Harrison is, you need a punch in the teeth. We have a new show, called Out Of The Park: Europe (out now on Netflix) and there’s an episode from the UK. We got all fucked up with Noel Fielding – who was right out of his mind – and we ended up in Buckingham Palace.”
Ricky: “He wasn’t wearing any pants.”
Bubbles: “He had no pants on the whole time. I think he was wearing cowboy boots – cowboy boots and no pants!”
Ricky: “He’s got a big honker.”
Julian: “We’re looking forward to coming back over and doing our live show. We hope people come and get high and party with us.”

Dirty Dancing OST

Bubbles: “Julian owns 55 copies of that movie.”
Julian: “Fuck you, I don’t own a single copy of that.”
Ricky: “He also owns karaoke versions he likes to sing along to.”
Julian: “Bullshit – that’s what I bang to!”
Ricky: “He really likes that song – the one Patrick Swayze used to sing.” (She’s Like The Wind)
Julian: “When that song used to come on you’d be in the bars, you’d be dancing, waltzing to that tune, then the fingers start going down and shit – that’s some good memories, but that’s about it.”
Bubbles: “Julian, what are you talking about? Finger banging?”
Julian: “Basically, yeah.”

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