The Best Of 2014: Tipples Of The Year

It was the year that proved band-branded booze was here to stay - and here are four of the best. Cheers!


The Band: Queen

The Bottle: suitably regal – a blue and shiny silver label, with elegant gold lettering. Fit for a queen, naturally.

The Brew: at 40%, it’s no stronger than your average vodka – but it’s incredibly smooth, with no impurities. The kind of vodka you could drink neat without waking up the next morning feeling like you’ve eaten someone’s moustache.


The Band: Status Quo

The Bottle: no-nonsense glass, with a label reading ‘Rockin’ all over the world’.

The Brew: thankfully there’s no whiff of denim. Lighter (4.3%) than you’d expect from the Quo, this hoppy brew slips down, down, deeper and down very easily.


The Band: Mastodon

The Bottle: tall, dark and ominous. No ridiculous beards, though.

The Brew: whoah, that’s strong – 8.3%, no less. A deep Christmas cake taste, with notes of fig and molasses. For the first half-pint, anyway. After that you’ll probably just fall over.


The Band: Sammy Hagar.

The Bottle: frankly, disappointing. Mainly because they only sent us a bloody miniature.

The Brew: made from pure Hawaiian cane sugar, it has plenty of ‘nose’. Its warming quality evokes days and nights on the beach in Maui. Or at least it did for the 30 seconds it lasted.

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