The 12 best new metal songs you need to hear right now

This week's best metal tracks
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Spring might be taking its sweet time getting here, but that hasn't stopped the absolute avalanche of awesome new metal songs for us to delve into that's come our way this week. Before we show you the best new tunes we've heard over the past seven days or so, however, let's give a quick shout-out to the winner of last week's poll, Leyan Senay, with her haunting, ethereal offering Bluetiful

This week, the competition is looking fierce. We've got another glimpse of the latest project from Bad Omens, the return of progressive metal heavy hitters Oceans Of Slumber, another absolute ripper from Gatecreeper and a surprise new release from genre-shredding genius, Backxwash. Wrap your ears around all those and much more below, and nip back up to the top of the page to cast a vote for your favourite. Happy Friday!

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Bad Omens - The Drain (ft. Health and Swarm)

The involvement of LA industrial crew Health looms large on this latest cut from Bad Omens' upcoming project, The Concrete Jungle OST. The imminent release will include brand new songs, more unique collaborations and reworkings of existing Bad Omens material, and if this sultry, slithering, neon-flecked number is anything to go by, we're in for some very cool new shades from Noah and his cohorts.

Lacuna Coil – In The Mean Time ft. Ash Costello

Italian goth metal maestros Lacuna Coil have teamed up with the lead singer of New Years Day for a particularly heavy-sounding new single. In The Mean Time is a song about the harshness of the modern world, and the band’s anger cuts through in a series of horrible riffs alongside Andrea Ferro’s shouts. But, Costello and Cristina Scabbia provide a melodic counterpoint. We’re more than ready for this lot’s next album now.

Alcest – Flamme Jumelle

French blackgaze pioneers Alcest have released the second song from their impending album, Les Chants De L’Aurore, which drops on June 21. Like lead single L’Envol, Flamme Jumelle is a return to the transcendent metal/shoegaze sound Alcest perfected on 2010 opus Écailles De Lune. Band leader Neige’s vocals and guitars dance beautifully over Winterhalter’s scurrying drums, and the experience is made even more awe-inspiring by a spectacularly shot music video.

Julie Christmas – Supernatural

After 14 years, noise rock/post-metal solo artist has announced a new album, Ridiculous And Full Of Blood. Supernatural was unveiled at the same time as the news, and it’s a surprisingly accessible offering from the New York native. Christmas’ characterful voice bounces off the sturdy riffing of Cult Of Luna’s Johannes Persson, before reaching a hook so addictive that we dare you not to reach for the replay button. 

Oceans Of Slumber - Where Gods Fear To Speak

Oceans Of Slumber's newest may have got some attention for its stark, provocative video, but the song itself is an absolute beauty. Melding juddering walls of progressive metal might around the warm, powerful vocals of Cammie Beverly, it'll pull at your heartstrings before smashing you square in the chest. The band's drummer, Dobby Beverly, describes the band's music as "dark, cinematic metal." We think he's onto something there.

Gatecreeper - Masterpiece Of Chaos

Clunky song title be damned: Gatecreeper have let loose another magnificent slab of the heavy stuff, lurching from towering doom metal to snarling death metal at the flick of a wrist. All signs point to the Phoenix mob's latest album, Dark Superstition, out May 17, being a surefire album of the year contender. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Couch Slut – Wilkinson’s Sword

Raucous punks Couch Slut have accompanied the release of their new album, You Could Do It Tonight, with a single and video. Wilkinson’s Sword symbolises exactly what the New York gaggle are about, with singer Megan Ostrosits seething over groovy riffs and hammering drums. The track and the clip both contain references to self-harm, so viewer and listener discretion is very much advised.

Full Of Hell - Coagulated Bliss

Another slice of scything, grinding, unhinged madness from Maryland's grubbiest, Coagulated Bliss is a blink-and-you'll miss it screamer that, according to the band themselves, channels the spirit of Nashville noise veterans Today Is The Day. It's less than 90 seconds long, so you can listen to it three times over while brewing a nice cuppa, or toasting some crumpets. Lovely! 

Frozen Soul – Creature Of The Wheel

Dallas/Fort Worth death metal bunch Frozen Soul have dragged a White Zombie song into their frosty domain. Creature Of The Wheel (originally from the industrialists’ swan song, Astro-Creep: 2000) has been reinvented as a chugging nightmare and, though frontman Chad Green may transform Rob Zombie’s vocals into full-throttle grunts, that riff remains every bit as gnarly as it did in 1995. Frozen Soul’s icy grip on death metal diehards continues unabated.

Smo – Crooked Teeth

Smo, the solo project of Employed To Serve guitarist/vocalist Sammy Urwin, has unchained its second single. Crooked Teeth follows Urwin’s 2023 debut track Real People and falls more in line with what UK metalheads know the firebrand for: less rapping, more ferocious roars and chugging riffs. In fact, the only thing more disgusting than the music is the artwork that accompanies it. Top work.

Backxwash - Wake Up

One of the most unique, creative and fearless minds in the heavy music scene today, Backxwash made a surprise return to Roadburn Festival in Tilburg yesterday, with a brand new single to go along with her last-minute appearance. Wake Up is an epic in two parts: one a ferocious ride through propulsive trap beats, eerie guitar melodies and waves of suffocating synth, the other a warm, emotional, gospel-powered rap ballad. 

Agriculture – In The House Of Angel Flesh

Forget everything you think you know about black metal. Agriculture are here to make the once-incensed and satanic genre a chilled-out wash of sound, with the flurrying guitars of this single ensnaring you like your favourite blanket. The experimentalists’ new EP Living Is Easy / The Circle Chant is out on May 3 via The Flenser and, needless to say, we’re intrigued to hear what the full thing is like.

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