The 10 best obscure glam rock songs, by Joe Elliott


Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott delves into the deepest glitter-strewn corners of glam rock’s history to hail the songs that walked the walk with the best of the 70s peacocks…

JOBRIATH – Space Clown (1973)
I saw the cover of Jobriath’s debut album in 1973 and I thought: this is Bowie. The two albums he made had some of the most astonishing songwriting I’ve eve heard, and Space Clown is very theatrical. It sounds like it belongs in a Broadway play. Peter Frampton and John Paul Jones from Zeppelin played on his albums, but Jobriath didn’t sell a record. He was the tragic figure of glam, and in 1983 he died from AIDS – one of the first.

KENNY – Baby I Love You, OK! (1975)
Kenny were a completely manufactured band – in a way, they were like Milli Vanilli. But they had a few hits. I remember The Bump and Fancy Pants being absolutely massive. And Baby I Love You, OK! has got everything that a glam rock song should have – the Beach Boys harmonies, the Sweet guitars, the handclaps. It’s simply a great pop song full of big, loud, distorted guitars. It’s the kind of music that would give Led Zeppelin fans the horrors. But really, Kenny were never supposed to be taken seriously. They were so chicken-in-a-basket, they made Showaddywaddy look like Pink Floyd.

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