Stage Surfers: One Band's Quest For The Ultimate Stage Dive

Stage Surfers Has Been Updated With New Content
Updated With New Music & New Gameplay (Image credit: TeamRock Games)

Stage Surfers, the festival inspired arcade game from TeamRock, has received a massive update, introducing new music, new gameplay, and more fun than a bus full of clowns in a minefield.

Two up-and-coming rock bands, Reigning Days and Dark Science, join Broken Ravens on the soundtrack, with even more new music to come.

The goal of Stage Surfers remains the same - perform the most epic stage dive the world has ever seen. Secure your name in the rock n’ roll hall of fame, the Guinness Book of Records and generally impress the hell out of every single person in the crowd. All with the world’s simplest one-button gameplay.

Everything in the game has been improved, updated and made more awesome… If it wasn’t such a cliche we’d say it’s all been turned up to 11. Instead, we’ll point out that’s for losers and that real rock and roll goes up to at least 15. You can figure out the rest…

You can play Stage Surfers on desktop at

So what’s new in Stage Surfers?

It's easier than ever to get some EPIC AIR

It's easier than ever to get some EPIC AIR (Image credit: Team Rock Games)

A day and night cycle

The longer you play, the further you travel, the more time it takes. Now you can, genuinely rock right around the clock.

Higher scores

Every time you hit a fist, a lighter or a drink you start building a BONUS. Avoid empty areas of the crowd to rack up bonus points and build some big numbers.

Check your distance

Every 100 metres, there’s a huge column of musical notes. Pick up as many as you can to rack up your score. Even better we’ve added a previous best tracker, so you can see exactly how you’re doing compared to your last lame-ass attempt at glory.

More sound

More sound effects for the crowd. More celebrations when you do something epic. More game noises for pickups, high scores and bonuses. Seriously, this game sounds like the rock festival of your dreams.

Fascinating facts

You travelled several hundred metres. Well done. You are, without a doubt a serious and sexy rockstar. You deserve the platinum records, the private jet and the adoration of your fans… BUT how far was your stage dive in terms of, ohhh, let’s say Iron Maiden members. Or Slayer? Just how many quite tall rock stars laid end to end did you in fact fly? No idea? That’s not going to be a problem any longer. We’ve got you covered. Now every dive will give you the sort of detailed in-depth measurements that will impress at parties and make you sound like you know the stars. Don’t thank us, this is our job. Making you happy. Just enjoy it…

The longer you play, the later it gets

The longer you play, the later it gets (Image credit: Team Rock Games)

How to play Stage Surfers

Stage Surfers is playable online at At the moment the game needs to be played on a laptop or desktop, no mobile phones YET (it’s coming, trust us, we’ve got plans, man…)

We want to hear your feedback, your ideas, and if you’ve got a band, potentially use your music. Get in touch and drop us an email.

Stage Surfers is all about the music. We want all of our games to celebrate and showcase the music that we love. We want the game to help players discover new bands and hear music they won’t find anywhere else.

After listening to a *lot* of tracks, we agreed that Broken Ravens, Reigning Days and Dark Science deserved to be in the game.

The bands all had stand out tracks that we thought would fit perfectly in the game and complement the festival feel we wanted the game to have.

You can (and should) check out the bands online and listen to more of their music. We think they’re kinda awesome.

If you would like to hear your music in Stage Surfers, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.