Slam Dunk 2015: Fresh Blood stage

Here’s everything you need to know about Slam Dunk 2015’s Fresh Blood stage, headlined by Moose Blood…

**MOOSE BLOOD **Is it coincidence or conspiracy that Moose Blood are headlining the Fresh Blood stage? Neither, of course. It’s justice – last year’s I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time was one of 2014’s best albums, and the four-piece from Canterbury are just as impressive live.

**THIS WILDLIFE **An acoustic duo from Long Beach, California, This Wild Life used to have more members. Now, the pair – both of whom used to be drummers – just make lovely music together that’s called pop-punk but isn’t really anything of the sort. It’s well worth checking out, though.

ROB LYNCH Signed to the same label as Frank Turner, singer-songwriter Rob Lynch shares the same passion and lyrical intelligence as the former Million Dead member, but also possesses his own unique style. He played the whole of Warped Tour last year, so he knows exactly how to put on a great show.

BABY GODZILLA The rollicking, reckless rock ’n’ roll of Baby Godzilla is as awesome and exhilarating as it is insane and intense. But what else would you expect from a band with a song called Whorepaedo?! Miss them at your peril.

**SEAWAY **Seaway are a bunch of carefree, fun-loving Canadians who make emotionally charged, slightly raw pop-punk that’s full of youthful zest for living life to the full while also hanging onto the bad times way too long. Which is the perfect combination, if you think about it.

**FORT HOPE **Remember My Passion? No? You’re probably not the only one. Still, a few of the members of Fort Hope were in that band. There’s no sign of the guyliner here, though. Well, not too much. But there’s still plenty of dramatic rock moments to sing along to.

**ONLY RIVALS **Dublin’s Only Rivals offer up a unique and interesting twist on pop-punk with their infectious, catchy songs – mainly because it doesn’t sound like pop-punk at all, yet it’s definitely caught in between. And it sounds bloody awesome, too!

AARON WEST & THE ROARING TWENTIES Pained, heartfelt songs are what Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties are all about. Except there’s no Aaron West – it’s the alter-ego for The Wonder Years’ Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell and this acoustic-based side-project. As you’d expect, the lyrics are especially great, so keep quiet and pay attention when he’s singing!

**WIND IN SAILS **Evan Pharmakis used to sing clean vocals in hardcore types Vanna, but there’s no doubt his skills were wasted there – this solo acoustic project demonstrates just how sad and beautiful his songs are. Don’t expect dry eyes watching him, but do expect something unforgettable.

**TRASH BOAT **St Albans newcomers Trash Boat might have the opening slot on the smallest stage, but you’d be silly to miss them, because they’re great. They’ll be playing new EP Brainwork in full as part of their set, so listen to it on Bandcamp, learn the words and make them feel at home! In all three venues.

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