Sex: Lemmy

Are guitars still chick magnets?

Oh yeah, of course. They make music, you know. That’s better than sitting there talking, isn’t it? Cos you run out of conversation, but you’ll never run out of songs, you know what I mean? It’s always been good for that. The girls like that. They like somebody that entertains them, makes them laugh. I mean, I guarantee you: you ask a chick what turns her on more than anything in the world and she will always say: “Somebody that makes me laugh.”

That’s absolutely true.

Absolutely. So in between songs, tell a joke [laughs].

Does Lemmy have a favourite type, though? What does he love in a woman? What fascinates you when you meet someone?

That they’re not men, really. I like feminine women. I just like women. I’m not restricted to a type.

What do you find hot in a woman?

Exotic is hot – always. Different is always good. Different from the people you grew up with.

Do you have a good chat-up line?

Oh, several. But I’ve got more bad ones. The thing is, if a girl wants you to chat her up it doesn’t matter what you say. You could read her the telephone directory. If she’s fascinated she’s still fascinated, you know?

Do you fall in love often?

Not as often as I used to. Thank God. I used to be constantly grieving or fucking cheering. Now you don’t have time for that too, really. And suddenly the idea of yourself in love anyway – most of the time – is really… I mean, you’d cut your arm off to save her.

There’s a documentary on [German singer] Nina Hagen in which you call her “a crazy woman”. How do you mean?

Oh, Nina was great, yeah. Was fuckin’ wild.

I think she’s even more extreme now that she’s getting older.

Yeah, well, it was always heading that way, wasn’t it? When I worked with her, she didn’t give a shit. It’s difficult to find people who don’t worry about what people think any more. That’s great.

And that’s a good quality?