“Anyone who doesn’t talk to their pets is a psychopath!” We asked a bunch of metal stars to tell us about their pets on International Pet Day

A montage of metal musicians with their pets
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Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or maybe a goat person, a miniature pony person or a – checks notes – duck person? It turns out that many of metal’s biggest stars are at least one of these. To mark International Pet Day on April 11, we asked members of Killswitch Engage, Amon Amarth, Oceans Of Slumber, New Years Day, Green Lung and more to tell us about the pets they share their lives with.

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Nita Strauss, Bentley & Motley

Nita Strauss holding her dogs Bentley and Motley and

Nita Strauss and her dogs Bentley and Motley and  (Image credit: Nita Strauss)

Who is this with you?

“These are our rescue dogs Bentley & Motley (our crazy cat Pantera not pictured).”

How did they get their names?

“Motley’s name has a cute story. I got her from a wonderful organization called Motley Zoo, while on tour with Mötley Crüe! So the name seemed very appropriate.” 

When did you get them?

“I’ve had all of them from babies. Bentley is 13 years, Motley is 10, Pantera is four.”

What’s the best thing about them?

“The pups come on tour with my solo band, and anyone in the touring world will tell you that bus dogs are the best. It’s so fun having them around, cuddling in the bunk at night and generally bringing the good vibes.”

What do they think about touring?

“The girls are excellent road dogs. Very comfortable on planes and buses, no fuss at all. We’re very lucky.”

What’s the naughtiest thing they’ve ever done?

“They’re perfect!”

Do you talk to them? And do they talk back?

“I talk to them constantly! I wish they could talk back. Anyone that doesn’t talk to their pets is a psychopath.”

What’s the one tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting dogs?

“No tips necessary! Our dogs are so easy-going and fun. Just enjoy the companionship.”

What’s the best thing about having
a pet generally?

“It’s like having a cute friend that
you never fight with and is always happy just to be near you.”

Anything else you want to add?

“If you’re a musician and you’re thinking of taking your dogs on tour, do it! And start them a tour IG account to document it all like @bentleyandmotley.”

Adam D (Killswitch Engage), Cash, Nova & Vindaloo,

Who is this in your photos?

“Cash, Nova and Vindaloo. Our rescued Staffordshire mixes.”

Where do their names come from?

“Cash is short for Cashew – he is fucking nuts. Nova is a supermassive black hole that eats everything, and Vindaloo was named for my love of curries.”

What’s the best thing about them?

“The unconditional love! And Cash is the best hiking companion ever.”

And the naughtiest?

“Their chewing habits. Cash ate a plank of our wood floor, Nova ate a coffee table and a dining room chair, and Vindaloo’s eaten three pairs of shoes, including a $500 set of custom orthotics.”

What tip would you give to anyone thinking of getting a dog?

“Train them. It’s time-consuming, but it’s completely worth it for the love they give!”

Sophie Lloyd, Luna & Jaxx

Sophie Lloyd holding her cats Luna and Jaxx

Sophie Lloyd with her cats Luna and Jaxx (Image credit: Sophie Lloyd)

Who are these fluffballs?

“Luna, a Ragdoll, and Jaxx, a Siberian.”

Where do their names come from?

“Luna is quite a mystical name, and she looks like some magical creature. We also liked the space/moon reference. We thought we were being creative and origional but it turns out everyone and their grandma has a pet named Luna. Jaxx is named after the lead character in Sons Of Anarchy. We decided on the double X to pay tribute to the mgk tour I just finished when we got him.”

What’s the best thing about them?

“Jaxx is the most loving cat I’ve ever met. Sometimes he stares so deep into my eyes I feel like we’ve known each other in another life. Luna is so intelligent – she always knows when somethings wrong and is always there’s for us when we need her.”

What’s the naughtiest thing Jaxx and Luna have ever done?

“Jaxx has IBS, so when we first got him and were trying to figure out his diet, there were so many days we would wake up to shit everywhere. He also won’t us have anything on the side without knocking it off. The bigger the mess he can make, the better.”

Have they ever been on tour with you?

“I wish! We had Kell’s [Machine Gun Kelly] cat Whisky came with us on the Mainstream Sellout tour, which was so nice. There’s nothing like coming back onto the tour bus after a show and having kitty cuddles. But I think Luna and Jaxx would hate being on tour. Jaxx gets travel sickness so that would be a nightmare.”

Do you talk to them?

‘I think I talk to them more than I talk to any other human. And they’re so chatty back to us.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet generally?

“Just the love they give you, whenever your down there’s nothing better than coming home to something that loves you so unconditionally. The ultimate dream is to be able to have an animal sanctuary where we rescue dogs and cats from kill shelters around Europe and rehabilitate them and find them forever homes.”

Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth), Jari Kurri,  Zdeno Chara, Martin St Louis, Erzebeta Bathory & Charlotta

Who are these animals in the photos with you?

“Our dog’s name is Jari Kurri, or just Jari, and he’s the best breed – a rescue. He is mainly Galgo Espanol, the rest we don’t actually know. The black cats’ names are Zdeno Chara and Martin St Louis, the grey and white cat’s name is Erzebeta Bathory and the furry one with ice blue eyes is called Charlotta.  The cats are all rescues and regular house cats.”

Where do the names come from?

“Jari is named after one of the best Finish hockey players of all time, Zdeno Chara after a Slovakian hockey player and Martin St Louis after a Canadian hockey player – I guess you can sense a theme here. Erzebeta Bathory is of course named after the Hungarian duchess that bathed in and drank blood. Charlotta’s name was given to her by her previous owners as they felt it was a regal name for a regal cat.”

What‘s the naughtiest thing they’ve all done?

Jari is a very obedient dog, but he is a bit fussy with his food though. Sometimes it seems he has us mistaken for a Michelin Guide restaurant. He’s also responsible for the quote, ‘My wife’s cooking is so bad not even the dog will eat.’ Chara a bit of a drama queen – she’ll sometimes scream bloody murder if any of the other cats gets too close to her. Martin St Louis was more wild than tame when he came to us and in the beginning we couldn’t leave any food out or he would eat it. Once we found him stuck in a bag of Cheetos. Another time he ate broccoli and his stomach did not agree with it. We had to clean the floors...

“Erzebeta Bathory is crazy. She’ll attack the other cats and the dog, and then run off. She’ll go on walks with us for miles, climb and jump up on anything she can reach. She once fell down from a tree and broke her K-9 teeth so she had to go to the cat dentist and get them crowned. Charlotta once psyched our friends Stafford Terrier to the point of him whining and crawling up into his owner’s lap, just by staring at him.”

Do you talk to them?

“My wife talks to them, and yes they do answer, except Martin St Louis. He tries but he just can’t make a sound. I guess she gets quite lonely when I’m on tour. I mainly make up silly songs about them, that I will sing out loud to my wife’s, and quite possibly our pet’s great embarrassment.”

What’s the tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting a dog or a cat?

“If you’re looking to get a dog, get a dog that works with your lifestyle, not one that fits your vanity. They need exercise and training, and if you are not willing to put the work in then maybe you’re actually a cat person. When it comes to cats one misconception is that they can fend for themselves and that they don’t need company, but cats are actually very social, so if you won’t have time for your cat or can’t make sure that someone can take care of them when you’re on vacation or travelling for work, you shouldn’t get a cat.”

Anything else you want to add?

‘Adopt don’t buy.”

Ash Costello (New Year’s Day) & Barnabus

Ash Costello with her pet dog Barnabus

(Image credit: Ash Costello)

Who’s this with you?

“Barnabus. He’s named after Barnabus Collins, the main character who was a vampire from the 1960s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. I rescued him in 2011 and his little fangs made me feel he looked like Barnabus Collins.”

What’s the best thing about him?

“His compassionate and caring demeanour. I had a dog psychic do a reading for him once and she said that he feels that he is the protector of the house. He takes this job very seriously and cares very deeply for the safety of the ones he loves.”

What‘s the naughtiest thing he does?

“He is so naughty! All the time. He definitely had an attitude but in the cutest way. He always gets what he wants. His protective nature makes him a bit stand-offish with other dogs. He doesn’t like for other dogs to come near me when we are out.”

Do you talk to him?

“Constantly. He is my best friend. He sits with me all day while I work and when I run errands and we talk about everything and anything. The psychic said he understands me and tries to talk back and gets frustrated that I can’t understand him sometimes.”

Anything else you want to add?

“The one tip I would give to someone considering adopting a dog is to do it. There is nothing more rewarding than being an Angel to an animal in need of one. The love they give in return is priceless. Please adopt and don’t shop!  Say no to breeders and don’t be afraid or hesitant to adopt an older dog.”

Cammie Gilbert-Beverley and Dobber Beverley (Oceans Of Slumber), Wilhelmina, Ringo & Arcturus

Dobber Beverley and Cammie Gilbert-Beverley with their pets

Dobber Beverley and Cammie Gilbert-Beverley with their pets Wilhelmina; Ringo and Arcturus (Image credit: Dobber Beverley and Cammie Gilbert-Beverley)

Who’s in your photo?

Cammie: “We have our blue tuxedo, Wilhelmina; Ringo our tripod; and Arcturus our Maine Coon.”

What’s the best thing about them?

Dobber: “Wilhelmina is an absolute psycho, a real cat’s cat, which means she’s amazing and knocks stuff off the wall constantly. She terrorises Ringo, and I think that may be why his leg fell off – joking, of course, he was an alcoholic logging dog and lost it in a freak accident. Arcturus is a big sad boy with a super high-pitched meow, so he’s a joy to listen to and throw back scratches on.”

When did they enter your life?

Cammie: “Ringo has been in my life for about 12 years. Arcturus was the first cat that Dobber and I got as a couple, and has been with us for about six years. Wilhelmina is the newest addition, having been with us for two years.”

What’s the most infuriating thing they do?

Cammie: “Arcturus is a cord chewer. He’s definitely ruined some cables, chargers and power cords. We have to be careful leaving anything out for his safety and our sanity.”

Do you talk to them, and do they talk back to you?

Cammie: “I talk to them all the time. Ringo whines a lot, fusses, asks to go outside, or what I am eating, and is always proclaiming his discontent or interest in something. Wilhelmina is always chattering or screaming about needing to come look at something she’s noticed, or that she thinks her food dish is getting a little too low. The only quiet one is Arcturus. He has the most precious quiet meow.”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of getting a cat?

Dobber: “Just do it. Bring some cat energy into your life or get a barking cat like Ringo and have a little colour brought into your world. Just get a robot litter box, for sure.”

Tom Templar (Green Lung) & Mervyn

Green Lung’s Tom Templar with his cat Mervyn

(Image credit: Tom Templar)

Who’s this with you?

“Mervyn, a not-quite-pedigree British Shorthair cat. He’s named after Mervyn Peake, author of the Gormenghast trilogy.”

What’s the best thing about Mervyn?

“He’s my animal familiar, and has many magickal abilities such as snoozing upside down and making an ‘ek ek ek’ sound at cobwebs.”

What‘s the naughtiest thing Mervyn has ever done?

Probably the time he had diarrhoea and repainted the downstairs with his arse. Or the time he jumped in the bath, freaked out, ran amok and covered the house in water.”

Do you talk to Mervyn? And does he talk back?
“I mostly talk to him in a private feline language of my own construction.”

What’s the one tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting a cat
like Mervyn?
“Don’t expect a ‘thank you’.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet generally?
“Having someone to eat and digest me when I die - a rotting corpse is
so unchic.”

Charlotte Wessels, Iggy & Lego

Charlotte Wessels and her cat Iggy and dog Lego

Charlotte Wessels and her cat Iggy and dog Lego (Image credit: Charlotte Wessels)

Who is this with you?

“Iggy is our elderly kitten, she's almost 15. Lego is a three-year old rescue from Greece.”

Where do the names come from?

Iggy is named after Iggy Pop and Lego's full name is Legolas. We call him Lego, unless he's being naughty.”

When did you get them?

“We got Iggy in 2009. I always wanted a dog too, but we didn't know if Iggy - obviously the ruler of this household - would accept another pet, let alone a dog. So we opted to foster instead. We got a call about a dog that was coming to the Netherlands from Greece, where his owner had kept him chained to a tree 24/7. We took Lego in and introduced him to ourselves, the house and eventually Iggy, very slowly and carefully. He completely stole our hearts and about a month later we adopted him. That's a little over a year ago now.”  

What‘s the best thing about them?

“They are both very social and cuddly and will hang out wherever I am most of the time. I spend a lot of time alone in the basement home studio and love when there's a cat on my desk and a dog at my feet, they are true companions.”

 Do you talk to them? Do they talk back?

“Are there people who don’t talk to their pets? Yes, and yes, obviously.”

What tip would you give to anyone thinking of getting a rescue dog?

“Don't underestimate the time and training it can take to get them used to their new life. Unlike a new puppy, you might not just have to teach them new things, but also address old behaviours from a possibly traumatic past. If you do though, seeing them grow happy and confident is the most rewarding thing in the world.”

Mantas (Venom Inc.) & Sharon

Mantas of Venom Inc with his cat Sharon

(Image credit: Mantas)

Who is your pal?

“This is Sharon. I’m not 100 per cent certain of her breed as she was a stray, but she has certain Ragdoll qualities.”

Why Sharon?

“At the time I found her we had a male house cat called Ozzy so it was destined to be.”

When did Sharon enter your life?

“She just appeared, and was living on our garden swing chair. I started putting food and water out for her, but she wouldn’t let me close to her. Then one summer evening I sat on the ground as close as I could to her with my hand out and it must have been an hour before she eventually came to me, still very hesitant but that was the start.”

What‘s the best thing about Sharon?

“Sharon is definitely the boss of the tribe, the matriarch who keeps everyone in check. No one messes with her, even though she’s one of the smallest in the group. She’s a bit of a diva  – when they are all called in from the outdoor shelter for food time, there is a stampede to get in first. Sharon is always last and stands and waits for me to pick her up and place her in front of a food bowl. She’s a diva and I’m just the personal assistant.”

What‘s the naughtiest thing she’s ever done?  

“I went to take a shower one day and the water was freezing cold. The boiler casing was removed to reveal tiny little teeth marks – she’s chewed through the ignition wires. The boiler now has an additional Sharon proof casing installed.”

You run a cat sanctuary with your wife. What‘s that like?

“I have 27 cats and I can honestly say that each one of them has a different and unique personality. I have hand reared several of them from kitten stage, feeding every two hours and helping with their toilet duties, which is less than pleasant but necessary as they can’t do it themselves at such an early age and that is the usually mothers job.”

What tip would you give to anyone thinking of getting a cat?

Don’t forget that at whatever age you take on a cat they are your responsibility, if you’re not prepared to put in the time then don’t do it, this is how I’ve ended up with so many rescues.”

Jay Postones (Tesseract) & Newt

Jay Postones of Tesseract with his pet goat Newt

Jay Postones of Tesseract with his pet goat Newt (Image credit: Jay Postones)

Who is this with you?

“Newt, the goat. We have two - Newt and Ripley. I’m a huge Aliens fan.”

When and how did they enter your life?

“Two years ago, we got them when they were quite young. My wife and I would send each other goat videos on Instagram, so naturally, that resulted in us getting goats as pets.”

What‘s the best thing about them goats

“They're hilarious and surprisingly sweet. Feeding them bananas and cherry tomatoes is one of the best experiences anyone could ever hope for in life.”

What’s the naughtiest thing they’ve done?

“Apart from eating every plant in our garden, I've been knocked down a couple of times when they get the zoomies. Ended up on my ass.”

Do you talk to them? And do they talk back?

“If I say, ‘Hey Rip!’, he'll reply 'Meeeaaaaahhh'. So I guess he knows his name.”

What would you tell to someone who wants to get a goat?

“A load of plants are toxic to goats, so look them up and remove them ahead of time.”

Have the goats ever been on tour with you?

“I wish!”

Julian Gage (Heriot) & Kylo

Heriot’s Julian Cage with his pet cat Kylo

Heriot’s Julian Cage with his pet cat Kylo (Image credit: Julian Gage)

Who are you hugging in this photo?

“This is Kylo. He’s seven years old and half Ragdoll. We don’t know what the other half is, but it’s another big breed, ’cos he’s huge.”

He looks very black metal.

“He looks pretty tough, but he’s cute as well.”

A TikTok of Kylo trying to drink water from a tap went viral. What’s the story behind it?

“We posted a video of him drinking from a tap, but none of the water was going in his mouth, it was running off his head. It was the stupidest thing. Then we woke up the next morning and my girlfriend’s phone was going absolutely mental, the video was getting millions of hits. So we started putting stuff up on TikTok and Instagram,
and it went crazy from there.”

What’s the reaction been?

“Loads are really positive, but some people think he’s got some kind of issue where he can’t drink. But he’s absolutely fine. It’s just the way the video is shot - he does actually drink eventually, he just lets it run off his head first. And he does it every day - it’s not just a thing he did once.”

Have you had any cat casting agents contact you?

“Yeah. He was on Japanese breakfast TV at one point. He’s been on the Channel 4 show The Last Leg. There was a point where we were getting sent loads of free food. For Kylo, obviously, not us.”

What’s it like having a cat that’s more famous than
your band?

“I’m used to it. My girlfriend tells me every day that the band will never be as famous as the cat.” 

Megan Targett (Vexed) & Quacky

Megan Targett of Vexed with her pet duck Quacky

Megan Targett with her pet duck Quacky (Image credit: Megan Targett)

Who is this with you?

“This is Quacky. He’s an Indian Runner duck and he’s four years old in May.”

When did Quacky come into your life?

“We’ve always wanted pet ducks, so during lockdown we decided to give it a go. Me and my partner [Vexed drummer Willem Mason-Geraghty] bought lots of fertilised duck eggs off Facebook to incubate and hatch at home. We wrote pun names on each egg including ‘James Pond’, ‘Duck Norris’ and ‘Quackie Chan’. Quacky was the only egg to hatch and so that’s his name now! We knew we couldn’t let him be on his own, so we went and found ducklings for sale. Then the obsession grew, we’ve had more clutches and rescued a few,  so we now have 19 pet ducks, all with different names and different personalities.”

What’s the best thing about them?

“No matter how much of a bad day you’re having, you can’t help but smile, laugh and feel better when you’re around them. They’re such happy animals with their own friendships and personal relationships that you get to watch and enjoy. Ducks have a great sense of humour – they love to play games and tease each other too.”

Do you talk to them?

“I talk to Quacky and all the ducks daily. They know their own names and certain words. If we call them to go to bed they will come inside to their house and settle in for the night. We also trained Quacky to do some tricks like bowing, spinning round. It’s very cute!”

What tip would you give to anyone thinking of getting a duck?

“Ducks live for a very long time, longer than dogs even, and so they’re a real commitment. They’re really sensitive animals and like to have lots of affection so be prepared to treat a duck like a dog with wings.”

Willem Mason-Geraghty (Vexed) & Daisy

Willem Mason-Geraghty of Vexed with his pet pony

Willem Mason-Geraghty with his pet pony Daisy (Image credit: Willem Mason-Geraghty)

Who is this with you? 

“This is Daisy and she is a miniature Shetland pony.”

How did she enter your life?

“A friend of Meg’s [Megan Targett, Vexed bandmate/partner] rescues animals and we saw a photo of Daisy and pretty much fell in love with her. When we got Daisy she was so small and very naughty but in a lovely way.”

What’s the best thing about her?

“Her attitude. Shetland ponies are notoriously mischievous and will nip you and push you. Once you get to know her she is the sweetest creature.”

And what’s the naughtiest thing Daisy has done?

“She’s a pro escape artist. Meg often gets a phone call from the neighbour saying that Daisy is on the road again. I think we have managed to stop her doing that now but the few times she did it was a bit worrying!”

Do you talk to Daisy?

“I talk to all our pets, but not in a crazy way. I think they appreciate you talking to them – even if they can’t understand the words, they understand your intentions. And I wave at all of our pets if I see them from a distance.”

What tip would you give to anyone who is thinking about getting
a Shetland pony?

“Be prepared for all sorts of antics but be patient. If you ever feel that you can’t take care of an animal there is no shame in rehoming. So many people just dump pets on the side of roads and it’s not fair. There are places they can go and many people will take them in.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet generally?

“In your worst moods they can bring you back to feeling happy and content. No matter the size or breed.”

Joe Nally (Urne) & Otis

Joe Nally of Urne with his cat Otis

(Image credit: Joe Nally)

Who is this with you?

“This is Otis, and he is a cross between a Persian and an exotic breed. The only long-haired cat in his litter.”

Where does the name come from?

“I am a big soul fan, and Otis Redding is one of my heroes.”

What‘s the best thing about Otis the cat?

“The face! So much personality, albeit a very sulky one.”

What‘s the naughtiest thing he’s ever done?

“He had a very, very bad belly once. It caused a lot of chaos! It happens to the best of us, but he rolled around in it.”

Do you talk to them, and if so, what do you say? And do they talk back?

“I literally talk to him like he is human. And he is very vocal back.”

What’s the one tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting this kind of animal?

“It is the best thing you can do, but you have to give it the time and care it deserves.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet generally?

“It just feels like I have a mate that is always around me but won't let me down, haha!”

Johanna Platow Andersson (Lucifer) & Elvira

Johanna Platow Andersson with her dog Elvira

Johanna Platow Andersson with Elvira (Image credit: Johanna Platow Andersson)

Who’s your friend?

“Elvira, my mutt from Romania. She’s named after Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark. A hero of mine. They share the same pale cleavage and paws paired with raven black hair.”

When Elvira come into your life?

“I adopted her in spring 2022 via a Romanian rescue organization that found her and her two brothers as babies abandoned in a forest. She's quite possibly a vampire, hence her bat-like appearance. When I adopted her, I also talked a good friend of mine into adopting her brother, who now also lives here in Sweden. I'm glad they get to hang out, when I'm tour for example. I often think of the third one, the other brother. He was too sick to travel to Sweden but a lady from the Romanian shelter took him in and he has it very good with her now.”

What‘s the best thing about her?

“She's become my best friend. Just cuddles, treats and long walks in the woods. No hidden agendas. I tell her all my secrets and she knows how to keep them.”

What‘s the most infuriating thing they’ve ever done?
“She's a real good girl. How could one be infuriated with a pet? Only humans are knobs.”

Do you talk to here? And does she talk back?
“No one knows more about me than her. I tell her everything and she is a devoted listener. She doesn't talk back. A little frustrating sometimes but perhaps a good thing in the end.”

What’s the one tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting a dog?

“If you can provide a good home to an animal in need, do it! It was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Dave Witte (Municipal Waste), Radler & Bart

Dave Witte of Municipal Waste with his dogs

(Image credit: Dave Witte)

Who is this in the photo with you?

“Radler and Bart. They are both Aussie Shepherd/Blue Healer mixes. Rad has a little Terrier in him and maybe some Hyena, he is a wild one. They are both rescues. They were both here when I arrived home from tours…”

Where do the names come from?

Bart is named after Brett Bamberger of Revocation – his nickname is Bart. Radler is named after the beer, of course.

What‘s the best thing about them?

“Radler’s smile and Bart’s majesticness. We refer to him as the world’s most handsome animal.”

What‘s the naughtiest/most infuriating thing they’ve ever done?

“Radler digging up the entire backyard. Bart’s an angel. He does nothing wrong.”

Do you talk to them, and if so, what do you say? And do they talk back?

“All the time and they respond great to commands. Radler is laser focused, he watches planes fly by in the sky. He is extremely food driven and I can get him to do anything for food. I sing them little songs and they bark back. They are very funny.” 

What’s the one tip you’d give to anyone thinking of getting this kind of animal?

“Make sure you have the time and needs to care for your pets properly. Give them all the love because they always give it to you when you need it most.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet?

“Watching movies together on the couch and all the laughs I get from them. They truly are amazing.”

Davie Provan (Bleed From Within), Luna & Indie

Davie Provan of Bleed From Within with Luna and Indie

Davie Provan of Bleed From Within with his pet dogs (Image credit: Davie Provan)

Who is this with you?

“These are our two Miniature Dachshunds, Luna and Indie. We got Luna in 2018 and Indie in 2020, both as pups.”

Where do the names come from?

“Luna came to us randomly and Indie came from when I was wearing an Independent trucks t-shirt. My wife said, ‘What about Indie.’”

What’s the best thing about them?

“They are the most loving dogs and so fun to be around. For the same breed they are both really different and have unique personalities, so they are pretty entertaining.”

What is the most infuriating thing they do?

“Dachshunds are notorious for barking, so when the delivery driver comes to the door it’s pure fucking Armageddon. Great guard dogs though.”

Have they ever been on tour with you?

“No. They’re not the type of dogs to just chill out so they would be running up and down the bus causing havoc 24/7. Maybe the next hometown show we can bring them on for the day.”

What tip you would give to anyone thinking of getting a dog?

“Be prepared for barking to the highest degree. Keep them well entertained and trained as they are really smart dogs. One in four Dachshunds will develop IVDD, a back disease that can leave them paralysed for a part of their life. Jumping off couches and up and down stairs can prevent this from happening.”

What’s the best thing about having a pet, generally?

“Coming home from tour is always the best when I see them both running around going crazy.”

Dave Everley

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