Rival Sons name new bassist


Rival Sons have confirmed Dave Beste as their new bassist, seven months after parting ways with Robin Everhart.

The Classic Rock Award-winning band revealed last year that the split with Everhart was amicable. He said: “I’ve come the conclusion that I’m not a road warrior and the rock’n’roll lifestyle is not for me.”

Now Beste, who stood in for their remaining 2013 commitments, has been permanently added to the lineup.

Frontman Jay Buchanan says: “Personnel change in a band this tight can be a very worrying thing. You have to reprogram yourself from hearing and doing things in a familiar way in order to move forward, sink into and appreciate the new. That ‘new’ is Dave Beste – and he’s been completely killing it.

“He committed wholeheartedly to helping us out when we were in a tight spot, and it didn’t take long to see that the fit couldn’t be more natural. I can’t wait for people to hear his playing on this new record because he delivered in spades.”

Beste himself says: “I’m thrilled to be joining Rival Sons as a member. Getting to travel with your buddies and play in a band you already dig is a really special thing. I couldn’t be happier.”

The follow-up to 2012’s Head Down is due later this year, with details to be unveiled this week.