Religion: Aretha Franklin

What is it about faith or religious environments that makes people want to sing?

I think most people in the spiritual environment are singers to begin with. And of course The Word is something to sing about.

Do you have particular hymns or songs that are your favourites?

I don’t have my one favourite, I have a lot of them, Amazing Grace for one. We Need Power, I love that.

Amazing Grace is actually something of a signature song for you. How do you approach that particular hymn?

I sing it the way it should be sung – from the heart.

What are the elements of spiritual singing that you blend into your secular material?

I can’t give you all my trade secrets! [laughs]

But you certainly get great joy from singing that material.

I get great joy from singing, period. Everything I do, it’s about the joy and the love of music. That’s what it’s about. It’s what I love and what I’m most passionate about – other than my family.