New blood – Arctic, Integrity & Power Trip and Loathe

Loathe album cover


With Arik Roper artwork and Harsh Toke’s Justin Figueroa on guitar it’s no surprise that this Californian power trio play crunchy, lo-fi stoner-blues jams as equally inspired by Blue Cheer as Sleep. [6] TC

Integrity & Power Trip – Split LP

Hardcore trailblazers Integrity and contemporary crossover kings Power Trip collide hard on this split, comprised of previously released songs and Integrity’s odd cover of a tune from the 1989 film Twister. [6] DB

LoathePrepare, Consume, Proceed

This shadowy five-piece seamlessly blend brutal, djent-tinged tech-metal with heavy electronica and sinister ambience on their effective first outing. With just a few more hooks they would be unstoppable. [7] DL