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My First Love: Joe Elliott talks T. Rex

"I had just acquired myself a stereo; a fantastic Sanyo stereo, it was a like a suitcase.

“You’d lift up the lid, the lid split in two and the speakers came off these flexi-hinges. It had a record player, a cassette player and a radio; you could tape off the radio and tape off records.

“My mum and dad had bought me a compilation album of everything on Island Records at the time, so you got a sample of Jethro Tull, Free, Mott The Hoople, Cat Stevens, Jimmy Cliff, Dr Strangely Strange

“So I taped that LP and traded it for a copy of Electric Warrior. Ziggy Stardust came a year later, which might have gone on to become a bigger love.

“But first love? Electric Warrior, absolutely, it’s a great record. Get It On, Lean Woman Blues, Life’s A Gas… I can be in a dark room, and play that record by just shutting my eyes and just letting my brain hear it. I don’t have to put it on, it’s that ingrained in my brain. Chiseled in, it’s in my DNA.”

The second album from Joe’s side-project, Down ‘n’ Outz, is released on April 22nd. Def Leppard will tour the US and Canada with Kiss this summer.

Polly Glass

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