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My Favourite Horror Film: Turisas

In the fourth part of our Halloween-y series, Mathias Nygård from Turisas reveals why Lars von Trier's Antichrist is his favourite scary movie...

“I’m not very big on horror films. I don’t think anyone in the band is. I’ve seen most of the classics and can appreciate them, but often find the genre too one-dimensional for my liking. I can also enjoy the campy end of the spectre for a laugh. I don’t know if Antichrist counts as a horror film. It definitely has a lot of common elements, but for me it’s much more than a horror film. Antichrist is an art film drama with beautiful cinematography exploring the darkest recesses of humanity.

Its central themes on anxiety, cruelty, nature and sexuality combined with a constant flow of symbolism makes it an extremely thought-provoking film open to endless interpretation. The graphic violence that caused controversy at film festivals might not be that shocking to hard-boiled horror fans, but the depth of the film could easily make familiar elements present themselves in a new, even more terrifying light.”

Luke Morton