Live Preview: From The Jam

Formed in 2007 by bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler, previously the rhythm section of The Jam, From The Jam are carving an identity of their own, claims Foxton.

Much has changed since Rick last spoke to Classic Rock on behalf of a then newly formed From The Jam – notably his departure. What happened?

I wish I knew. The last I heard from him was an email. It’s a shame, because now I’m really good friends with Paul [Weller] again. But as far as I’m aware I did nothing to upset Rick.

Back then Rick happily fielded accusations that From The Jam are a glorified tribute band.

Well, Russell [Hastings, vocals/guitar] and I are making our own music now, besides going out on tours like the one we just did celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of [The Jam’s] Setting Sons, so it’s good all round.

**Recording of your new album, Smash The Clock, begins in January. What can you tell us about it? **

Its title refers to the fact that good music is timeless. And it’ll be a continuation of Back In The Room [2012], which was well received. Like The Jam did, we’re trying to write good, melodic, memorable tunes.

How did you rekindle the friendship with Paul Weller?

I lost my first wife in 2009, and we lost John Weller [Paul’s father, who managed The Jam] that same year. It took those tragic events to bang our heads together.

Might The Jam play again?

Definitely not. We’re recording Smash The Clock at Paul’s studio, so he might pick up the guitar again, but that’s really the best that anyone could hope for.

The tour ends in Stoke on January 25.

Dave Ling

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