Joe Bonamassa kicks up some dust exclusively live on Team Rock

After spending two years travelling back and forth to Nashville in order to create and write his top ten charting Billboard album, Different Shades Of Blue, Joe Bonamassa stopped by The Blues Magazine Show studios and he just happened to bring his guitar with him…

Inbetween playing four exclusive live songs for the show, Bonamassa talked to Bloater about why he could never be the next Eric Clapton, spending two years to make a record - when he used to do it in six weeks - learning the art of song writing and why he misses the authentic scotch-soaked, smoky bars he used to play in his youth.

“If they’d let me,” says Bonamassa, “I’d be up there with a cigar and a scotch or five, but I knew that if I wanted to sing well then I had to give it up. Guitars won’t get that patina of those smoky bars any more, I love a guitar that has that smell of smoke and loose women and scotch. Now they do that in the factory, that’s faux debauchery, you want real debauchery.”

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