Indya: "I thrive on light and positive vibes"

(Image credit: Indya)

If there is a criticism of rock music in the year 2020, it’s that there are no longer any strong characters, any larger-than-life personalities, any of the glitz, glamour and exoticism of the genres halcyon days. If you long to see your rock artists evoke that mystical period then Indya is the rock artist for you.

Indya is the brainchild of vocalist Laudez Rose, a former student at the Brit School for Performing Arts and musical theatre the rock artist is inspired by her love of classic rock and roll. In this exclusive interview with One Louder we found Laudez at work in her studio, having finished her new music video for the song The Final Line. 

We talk to her about the inspiration for the song; from the artists such as Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac to Janet Jackson and Joan Jett, to the life events and feelings that inspired the lyrics, namely a call to arms for a positive mental attitude and overcoming negative individuals in your life. 

Watch our interview above and the promo for her new single The Final Line below.

Music Video Credit: Stuart Garneys

Studio: Darkhorse Recording Studio 

Venue: The Brighton Erotic Boudoir