How metal is Emmure's Frankie Palmieri?

A press shot of Frankie Palmeri

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

“There’s a lot of crimes I don’t want to admit I’ve done. Vandalism, theft, assault… just a few things I’ve done in my days. I haven’t killed anybody, though!”

What’s the most metal album you own?

“Anal Cunt’s Morbid Forest. I think it’s one of the more important pieces of heavy music. Morbid Forest is the gold standard, everything Anal Cunt did after this is not as raw – they went in a different direction.”

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

“I got electrocuted in Moscow in 2013. It was in a club we’d played before but everything had been rearranged, the stage was moved. There was some bad grounding done and I was zapped right at the beginning of the show in front of 1,000 people. I fell over and that was the end of that!”

What’s the most you have ever been sick?

“The first time I ever set foot in Europe we were playing on a boat in Paris and I got food poisoning from a peanut butter jelly sandwich I got from the airport. I had diarrhoea and I was vomiting everywhere, so my first European experience was pretty much living in a bathroom for seven hours. At one point I thought I was gonna shit myself onstage!”

What’s the grossest thing you’ve had in your mouth?

“A vagina! There’s nothing wrong with them but it’s another person’s body, ladies pee out of there and smells happen. Let it be known that I still like vagina but I’m just being objective here.”

What’s the worst fight you’ve ever been in?

“Me and Vincent Bennett, the frontman from The Acacia Strain, got into fisticuffs in Albany in 2009. We just had at it and my nipple was bleeding because that took the most damage. I’m sure we both look back on it and see how stupid we were. I still love touring with that band.”

When was the last time you bled?

“I’m never gushing blood or anything, but I bleed randomly and always cut myself on stupid shit. Most of the time I bleed from my cuticles – I shove my hand in my pocket and sift around in there, then pull my hand out and suddenly I’m bleeding.”

What’s the rarest piece of merchandise you own?

“I have this Aphex Twin Day For Night vinyl that was only available at a show last year and only 500 exist. It’s unreleased music in a blank white sleeve that’s never gonna be reproduced. I had no idea it would be something people would be itching to have, the resale value I’ve been seeing is $800-$1,000 and I paid $25 for it, but I’ll never sell it because I love it.”

What’s your most painful tattoo or piercing?

“I got the back of my head tattooed in Singapore in 2012. I’ve done my chest, throat and everything, but the back of my head was brutal – I was tearing up and sweating the entire time. You know when you’re screaming inside but you don’t make a sound? It’s that physical pain you can only block out by thinking about other emotional pain in your life – you can’t escape all these different feelings you’re having. It was shaking through my entire body, like a knife going through my skull!”

What’s the most metal picture on your phone?

“It’s a photo of me presenting the Best Live Band award to Slipknot at a US awards show, and Dave Mustaine’s photobombing me. I was wearing this really nice suit and Dave Mustaine pulled me aside and said, ‘You scared the shit out of me, I thought you were my lawyer!’”

Final Score: 810

It’s an excellent showing from Frankie, who rode the lightning live on stage and will fight you ’til he bleeds… from his nipples.