Hot New Band: Surrender The Coast


The ever-vibrant hardcore scene in the UK doesn’t exactly need a shot in the arm, but Leicester’s Surrender The Coast are giving it one anyway. Fierce, brutal and bursting with energy, this subtly adventurous quartet have just unleashed one of the year’s most invigorating debuts in the form of Lost Souls. It may make you want to smash stuff.

Lost Souls is a bit of a rollercoaster ride,” says vocalist Andrew Connelly. “Some days we wanted to write fast songs with a bit of a punk vibe, other days we’d have a slow day and a song like Thrones will happen. It’s just about how we feel at any given moment. We’ve tried to tell a short story with each song. A few of them are based on how society looks at you like an idiot because you don’t dress like the current trend. That isn’t our thing, we are who we are and if that’s not for you, that’s fine with us.”

Sticking two fingers up at the conformist masses is all part and parcel of the alternative mindset, of course, but Surrender The Coast seem to have the tunes and the aggression required to make their rebellion count. And, as Andrew suggests, now is the perfect time for a hardcore band with brains and bite to really make their presence felt.

“It’s a really crazy time to be in a band… and I mean that in the good sense!” he notes. “We’ve been going since 2009 and have seen some peaks and troughs in Leicester alone. Right now, we are definitely at a peak again.”