Hot New Band: RavenEye

Raveneye may be a new name to most of us, but singer/guitarist Oli Browne has a decade of touring and a sterling reputation as a six-string maestro under his belt.

While his peers were in pre-GCSE vegetation mode, he toured with the world-renowned, Grammy-nominated funk band Blinddog Smokin’ after they saw a video of his playing.

“I never wanted to be a singer,” he explains. “My ambition was to be a guitar player, but not many guitarists can front a band and not sing. Slash is different…”

Speaking of Slash, Raveneye are heading out on a European tour supporting the legendary hat-wearer… not bad for a band that formed less than a year ago.

Check out Raveneye’s new EP, Breaking Out. It’s pure, riffy rock ’n’ roll with tons of charisma.

Breaking Out is available now via iTunes and Amazon