Hot New Band: Damnation Angels

Symphonic metal has never been in ruder health, and Yorkshire’s Damnation Angels are well on the way to becoming homegrown contenders in this increasingly strident subgenre, the gleaming grandeur of new album The Valiant Fire marking them out as meticulous masters of the form.

“Even though it’s not a concept album, the theme throughout is the human and warrior spirit, togetherness and indomitable will,” explains guitarist Will Graney. “A lot of songs feature stories of people overcoming struggles, but a few follow darker stories surrounding those depressing, classic metal themes of death and loss – you need a few of them on your album or it’s not metal! Ha ha!”

With plenty of touring experience and no shortage of big ideas, Damnation Angels seem well-equipped to rise up the steel ladder and claim their place as the symphonic scene’s brightest hopes.

“I’ve had big ambitions since I started playing guitar at 13 and drank my first beer!” Will notes. “The main thing now is to keep building and growing as a band. We are sitting on gold with this album so anything could happen and I’m very excited for the future.”



Dom Lawson

Dom Lawson has been writing for Metal Hammer and Prog for over 14 years and is extremely fond of heavy metal, progressive rock, coffee and snooker. He also contributes to The Guardian, Classic Rock, Bravewords and Blabbermouth and has previously written for Kerrang! magazine in the mid-2000s.