Higher Power's essential hardcore mixtape

Higher Power

Leeds moshlords Higher Power have been tearing up venues across the UK for the past few years, taking influence from the big guns of UKHC as well as the heavy hitters from across the pond like Life Of Agony and Minor Threat. But which songs are worthy of Higher Power's essential hardcore mixtape? Frontman Jimmy Wizard put together this ten track odyssey into the genre that will send you two-stepping into a frenzy before hurling yourself into the nearest crowd of people.

Ekulu – S.O.D (Sanctuary Of Depression)

"Perfect late Cro-Mags worship. Hard riffs and a chorus that makes you wanna sing along – it's probably the demo of the year."

Day By Day – Progress In Death

"Hardcore that makes me wanna be violent. The whole LP is amazing but this song and the drumming on it makes it number one."

Crown Of Thornz – God Or Government

"I've had this in heavy rotation recently. Every riff is so cool and the song just flows effortlessly."

Death Threat – Dead At Birth

"Great riffs and lyrics. It makes me wanna be a fucking pit, diving and singing along."

Dmize – Misery

"A massive metal influence but with so much energy, and the lyrics are delivered with so much aggression and style."

Vein – Errorzone

"The title track to their debut LP. This whole album is amazing but this track offers so much. That piano!"

Big Cheese – Rotter

"Possibly best UKHC song of all time. A constant pit, it's insane. Best band ever."

Life Of Agony – Underground

"The band that showed me what you could do with hardcore from cool-as-fuck melodies to cool-as-fuck videos."

Day By Day – Suffer The Sadness

"Groove meets hard and creates this beautiful song. A banging chorus and one of my favourite breakdowns ever."

Have Heart – Watch Me Sink

"Basically the song that got me into hardcore and I still think it holds its own."

Not all of Jimmy's picks are available on Spotify, but we've made a handy little playlist of the ones that are. 

Higher Power play DM's Boot Room in Camden, London, on September 6. It's a FREE SHOW – to get in, you need to register with the Boot Room. It's going to be messy.

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