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Heavy Metal World Cup Final: Babymetal vs Underside

Babymetal vs Underside

After two weeks of matches and excessive voting, we have reached the final of the 2018 Heavy Metal World Cup. The current champions Babymetal (representing Japan) will face off against the tournament's underdogs Underside (representing Nepal) in one last battle of heavy metal glory.

Babymetal made it to the final by defeating Alestorm, Within Temptation and Immortal. Underside's journey saw them beating Wrust, Sepultura and a surprising victory over Rammstein in the semi-finals.

But how do they match up against each other? Let's take a look at the stats.


Members: 3 (sort of)
Albums: 2
Genre: Kawaii metal
Biggest Song: Gimme Chocolate
Most Likely To: Worship the Fox God


Members: 4
Albums: 1
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Satan In Your Stereo
Most Likely To: Fuck the system