Heavy Metal World Cup: Alestorm vs Babymetal

Babymetal vs Alestorm

The first match of the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018 takes place between Alestorm (representing Scotland) and Babymetal (representing Japan).

Babymetal are the strong favourites here, having won the inaugural Heavy Metal World Cup back in 2014. But this time, Scotland are represented by Alestorm, instead of Bleed From Within – so who knows what's going to happen!

Here's how they stack up...


Members: 3 (sort of)
Albums: 2
Genre: Kawaii metal
Biggest Song: Gimme Chocolate
Most Likely To: Worship the Fox God



Members: 5
Albums: 5
Genre: Pirate metal
Biggest Song: Keelhauled
Most Likely To: Fuck you with an anchor

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!