Hammer's 13: The best new music in metal

(Image credit: Future)

Previously, we brought you The Metal Hammer 11 and that was great and all, but how about THIRTEEN? That's better.

Thirteen is unlucky for some, sure, but us metal heads throw the finger up at social convention. Black Sabbath had some success with their album, 13, and Wednesday 13 loves the number so much he named himself after it. Other than 666 we can't think of a more metal number. So, thirteen it is. Crank your speakers up to 11 and enjoy the sound of our carefully curated Spotify playlist!

Last week you chose out of blackened deathers Vredehammer, Kansas groovers Hammerhedd, North Carolina metallers Valleys, Canadian thrashers Hazzerd, Austrian melodethers Heathen Foray, Swedish death metallers Wombbath, doomy stoners Frayle, blackened hardcorists Karg, Yorkshire doomers Godthrymm, Japanese doom duo BlackLab, Lovecraftian death metallers Sallow Moth, Colorado blackened doomsters Velnias and Icelandic black metallers Helfró.

Well, you listened, you votes and you chose *drum roll* Frayle and 1692. Check it out below.

This week we've got some fantastically heavy new releases that you might not have heard... 

Video Nasties' Hanging Tree, Myrkur's latest single from her forthcoming album Folkesange, Gudernes Vilje, thrashers Havok and Phantom Force, Body Count return with Bum-Rush and Creeper with Cyanide.

Plus, a whole load more epic tracks to soundtrack your fortnite.

As always, vote for your fave!