Hammer's 13: This week's best new music in metal


Previously, we brought you The Metal Hammer 11 and that was great and all, but how about THIRTEEN? That's better. 

Thirteen is unlucky for some, sure, but us metal heads throw the finger up at social convention. Black Sabbath had some success with their album, 13, and Wednesday 13 loves the number so much he named himself after it. Other than 666 we can't think of a more metal number. So, thirteen it is. Crank your speakers up to 11 and enjoy the sound of our carefully curated Spotify playlist!

This week there's a little something for everyone: The Nordic folky sounds of Heilung will make the perfect soundtrack to this week's yoga session, while new track from Martyrdod, Helveteslarm, is perfect paired with a trip on the treadmill. 

Visigoth's throwback '80s-tinged heavy metal and a heavy helping of Venom should help you pick up the pace if you are flagging by Friday. Or, just embrace the weekend wind-down with Tronos' new track, Premonition

For tech metal fans, check out Bleed from Within guitarist Steven's other band, From Sorrow To Serenity, who have recently been hand-picked to tour with Fit for an Autopsy. Chaos Divine might also tickle your fancy. 

Ketzer's Keine Angst is particularly cathartic after a stressful day in work, and for the trve kultists, the new track from Abbath will hopefully inspire some motivation.

Whatever your weekly plans, we're sure you'll find a track or two you can't help but play on repeat! Vote for your favourite below...