Finnish death/black diabolists Archgoat stream their new album in full

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Few bands spew out as much hatred for religion or as much devotion to Satan as Finland’s Archgoat. Masters of a deeply twisted strain of deathly black metal, their blasphemous cacophony reaches new peaks of vitriol and spite on brand new album, The Luciferian Crown, released today via Debemur Morti Productions. Bestial, single-minded to the point diabolical delirium but shot through with lead breaks that serve to illuminate a host of blighted entities writhing in its sonic recesses, it’s an album that’s going to leave cloven hoof marks in your soul long after its unceremoniously trampled over all your higher functions. Not we are proud are we proud to stream The Luciferian Crown in its terrifying entirety below, we’ve also spoken with guitarist Ritual Butcherer about the Devil’s latest batch of excoriating anthems...

What can we expect from the music on The Luciferian Crown?

Ritual Butcherer: “True Satanic black metal. ‘No compromises, total dedication!’ would be my answer if I would need to summarise Archgoat into a single phrase. For this album I wanted to compose a more multi-dimensional album than the way our earlier works have been because I wanted to stretch my limitations as a composer and find new answers to the old questions, to find new different elements, complexity and atmospheres without watering down the aggressiveness and power of the music. This album has all the elements you would expect from an Archgoat album but also some finesse not heard yet. I see the album as a natural continuation of [2015 album] The Apocalyptic Triumphator, carrying the flame forwards and developing in controlled manner.”

What inspired the album’s title and the lyric this time around? Is there a particular message at the heart of this record?

“For the lyrical concept I can say that this album is about the spiritual development of mine towards the Light of Lucifer. As my journey has been developing, the lyrics - especially on The Obsidian Flame (From My Depths) and I Am Lucifer’s Temple - are very personal experiences and interpretations of how I understand and see this philosophy and where it has led me. My journey in this philosophy has changed my understanding many times on how I see Satan. In the beginning, I was worshipping a cosmic power that was external but whose fire I felt inside me. Over the years the fire was growing and I suddenly had my moment of enlightenment, when I was consumed by this fire and noticed that the external fire was now internal, one and one with me. To catch this fire was my Promethean climb and the fire inside me was something people call the Tree of Knowledge."

Archgoat 'The Luciferian Crown' album cover 2018

Next year is your 30th anniversary – do you plan to celebrate?

“We are in talks about a unique show but I don’t want to spoil it too much with the details. We have already chosen a collaborator for this event and are starting to plan about the date and the location. But there will be better info coming later.”

What are your predictions for the future of the human race at this point in time?

“Humanity is like the biblical swarm of the locusts eating and consuming everything in its way and filling every place with their faeces. The mass growth of population is accelerating the whole end to come. From a Darwinian perspective, Mother Nature would be unnatural if it would not find a solution or a way to get rid of humanity as it has over its existence favoured some and extinguished others.”

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