Ex-The Oath guitarist embarks on a new, post-punk journey with Maggot Heart

Maggot Heart promo pic, 2017

A step away from the more occult leanings of her former band, The Oath, but still wringing potent, penetrating magic from the dark recesses of human experience, Maggot Heart is the the new creative wellspring for Swedish guitarist Linnéa Olsson, and sees her taking up vocal duties for the first time.

Due to be released on June 9 via Teratology Sound & Vision, Maggot Heart’s debut EP, City Girls, sets its stall in the twilight zones between punk and post-punk, and the fevered, 4am moment of reckoning between nocturnal revelry and daytime drudgery. Raw but expansive, and recorded with ex-In Solitude members Uno Bruniusson and Gottfrid Åhman, its four tracks are a psychological trawl through Linnéa’s adoptive hometown of Berlin, a city of “no boundaries” but one fraught with danger, and we have a special preview in the form of the track Razorhead.

Restless, spiky and redolent of the fertile musical wastelands of the early 80s, Razorhead scratches out a fine line between exhaustion and exhilaration, and anyone who’s ever relocated from a small town to the bewildering co-ordinates of a big city will immediately find affinity in its fusion of alienation and tantalising sense of opportunities waiting to be grasped. Pop a couple of paracetamol, rummage around in your ashtray for the remnants of something to smoke and undergo the transformative journey that is Razorhead below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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