"Get me 100 gallons of whipped cream, fill the bath with tequila and don't forget the goats": Watch Lemmy's gloriously weird appearance in an insurance ad

Lemmy Glastonbury 2015
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Everybody knows Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister was an icon of the rock and metal world. But what some might miss is just how iconic he was, transcending his corner of the music pantheon to become a go-to figure whenever it came to capturing the enduring image of rock'n'roll. He was also partial to the odd - in both senses of the word - cameo. 

Be it his iconic performance playing Ace Of Spades alongside the rest of Motorhead in The Young Ones, a quick appearance in Airheads shouting "I was the editor of the school magazine!" or getting a whole character dedicated to him in video game Brutal Legend, Lemmy popped up in many mediums over the years. 

He was also partial to appearing in the occasional ad, explaining in one interview "they pay very well you see," with the asuredness that nobody is about to second-guess Lemmy Kilmister

In fact, one of the last things Lemmy ever did before his passing in 2015 was an appearance in a Finnish milk advert that was eventually released as a tribute. But years before that, he'd reinvented Ace Of Spades into an acoustic ballad for French beer Kronenbourg, played violin in a KitKat ad and appeared in an advertisement for snack food giant Walkers Crisps. 

But while beer and snacks could reasonably fall under the purview of a rock'n'roll icon - the milk is still something of an outlier, though as Lemmy puts it in the ad, "I have never drunk milk and never will" - perhaps his most bizarre, and inherently hilarious appearance was selling... insurance. 

At less than 20 seconds in length, Lemmy's appearance in an advertisement for AXA Legal & General is more of a blipvert than a full ad, but it certainly doesn't fail to be memorable - or hilarious - in its short span. 

Opening at a ratty club venue, Lemmy is on the phone to someone discussing an AXA Equity and Law Pension Plan, suggesting it "looks like a really good investment". But as the camera gets closer, Lemmy spots he's been rumbled and switches tact to a conversation more befitting a rock'n'roll icon, requesting "100 gallons of whipped cream, fill the bath with tequila and don't forget the goats". 

Great as that punchline is, what really sells it is the furtive glance Lemmy then chucks back at the camera, looking like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Brilliant. 

Watch the full ad below:

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